Holders of long nails understands how difficult it is to care for them. That is why they are so wonderful and look. This article is about nail design aquarium.

How to make such beauty in the home? The first thing to say is that, aquarium design is durable. All this is due to the elements that well attached to the nail plate by means of the usual varnish. This type of manicure will look great as on short nails, and long. In this case there are no restrictions.

Aquarium design reminds himself aquarium, that’s why it was called that way. All because the sketch is done as if the glass and is not convex. Therefore, a lover wearing tights, you can not worry puffs will not. Aquarium nail has a number of advantages. First it was easy, because the nail surface remains smooth.

So what about the tightening torque can be even and not to worry. The second advantage is durability, this design does not need to touch up, he is able to last a long time. Finally, it is necessary to say about practicality. Aquarium design is not subject to wear and not washed off. Therefore, to «carry» it can be as much as your heart desires.

To the great chagrin make such a manicure yourself at home is difficult. Without professional help here just will not do. But you can make a similar design, but it will not be as durable. To do this we must take a set of jewelry, acrylic paint and directly nail Polish. The first thing you need to work with the nail plate and give it the desired shape.

Then apply a thin layer of varnish, for such action is perfectly colourless basis. Now comes the most important step in creating aquarium design. Before the Polish has not had time to dry completely and had to put the decoration, it can be sequins and even decorative elements. The main thing is that in the end, manicure not turned out convex, because in that case he will not be similar to the aquarium design.

When everything is dry, apply acrylic paint, and then all is fixed with a special lacquer. Certainly, it is recommended that such a design in the cabin. But there is another way to try to play all at home. For this, you must do everything according to instructions.

Proceeding to such design, you start with a safety. Yes, strange as it may sound, but you should still adhere to certain rules. So the first step is to sanitize their own hands and the customer (in case if a manicure done some people and not their own) . Then, the same action is performed and tools.

The matter is that the aquarium, nail design requires a qualitative approach to work. Next, you need to delete a natural Shine with nail plates and cover them with a primer. This tool is capable to remove excess moisture, due to which the gel is not well connected with gel.

Only after these steps, you are ready to the further implementation of the procedure. So, on your nails with a thin layer should apply a special gel. In turn it is intended for the formation of design, exactly on the idea of the wizard. It could be as a floral pattern and abstract composition. Here everything depends only on your own fantasy. Aquarium design itself is not limited to any patterns. His main idea is that the figure is in the «under glass».

It is necessary to consolidate each layer of the gel using a UV lamp. It is worth noting that the nails will be a little heated, worry about not need this phenomenon is quite normal. The contours of the picture should be applied to a white gel, so the pattern be pronounced.

Only after this, you can go to the colored material, and again, everything is fixed in place with a special lacquer and lamp. In this case, the nails will dry much faster, and the figure itself will last a long time. Otherwise you have to wait until all the layers of dry on their own and that a very long time, and the desired effect was not achieved.

Finally, you must complete your last action. For this is applied pearl gel to make the picture clearer. It is this last nuance gives the same effect of «under glass». After execution of all procedures, it is necessary to grind the nail plate and bring manicure to the ideal state. Nails design aquarium will look great in any girl, it is important to do things right.

To perform the idea at home, a desire and a few ideas. It is necessary to get all the necessary arrangements. So, you need to purchase several kinds of gel, think about what it will be applied. In addition, not without the colored lacquers. In General, you should first consider whether it is necessary to do it all at home?

Because of the habit will make it difficult. Yes, in principle, to recreate on two hands the same picture difficult, this need the help. Therefore it is better to give preference to a hike in the beauty salon. If there is a reasonable decision to do everything yourself, the first thing you need to buy everything you need, and then committing to such a design.

How do aquarium design in the home generally clear. Only, for «manufacture» it should have a good imagination and have at least some skills in terms of execution of such works. The rest is a matter for the master.


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