дизайн ногтей адидас фотоIn the creation of the sports way of paramount importance and nail design. If you have a sports suit the latest model from the company Adidas and stylish shoes of the same brand, it will add the image and beautiful nail art design Adidas. Variants of creation of such a manicure set.

дизайн ногти адидас фото

This manicure can be done not only in the cabin, by a trained expert, but also at home. Nail design Adidas can be done with the help of special stickers, which are sold in specialized shops of cosmetics.

спортивный дизайн ногтей адидас фото

One of the options to create nail design Adidas is gluing the stickers on the pre-made classic jacket.

адидас френч дизайн ногтей фото

французский маникюр адидас фото

френч адидас фото

To make this manicure required hygienic procedures of cleaning and nail cuticle. Then it is necessary to cover the nails with a colourless varnish and wait for the drying.

The next step is to create a smile, for accuracy, you can use special white stripes, which are pasted in a zone of a smile. Note that if stickers with a pattern Adidas black tips of the toes are painted white lacquer, and if white, on the contrary, black. You can choose other combinations of colors.

адидас черно-белый дизайн ногтей фото

адидас черный маникюр фото

The next step is applying stickers on not fully подсохший varnish on top of it, the nail is served with a protective layer of varnish.

адидас в синем цвете фото

You can make the design of nails Adidas and in another version, the picture may be put on one finger, or on all fingers, here’s a matter of taste.

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