дизайн ногтей абстракция фотоDesign of nails to create abstract paintings are limitless options, the main thing here is the successful combination of colors and forms of a drawing. Imagine technique one simple option that can be easily performed using a needle. The creation of such a picture of the house need about 30 minutes of free time. To create a nail design Abstraction, you must have:

абстрактный дизайн ногтей фото

  • purple and pink nail Polish;
  • a needle or toothpick;
  • transparent varnish or a fixer for the nails.

абстракция дизайн ногтей фото

Before you start nail design Abstraction is needed, as well as before all other kinds of modeling, spend a classic or European hygienic manicure. To protect nails from the negative influence of varnishes, it is necessary to cover the surface of the nail plate ad hoc basis.

абстракция дизайн ногти фото

The first stage of the design of the nails is purple nail varnish, you can choose other combinations of colors, but that they were contrasting. Better mapping of two layers of lacquer.

маникюр в стиле абстракция фото

No need to wait for drying, because this is the Foundation of creation drawings using needles. In the center of the nail in one number you need to put four fairly large drops varnish pink.

While both varnish drying up a needle or toothpick have to stretch drops in the desired pattern. Follow the arrows on the diagram drawing.

рисунок абстракция на ногтях фото

To create such a picture of a needle imagine a schematic image of movements using a needle. You should begin with the top of the drop.

схема дизайна абстракция фото

All these stages need to repeat on the other nine nails. Then you must wait for the paint to dry and reliability fix the result by applying a special retainer or clear lacquer.

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