Winter pictures on the nails is not only the pattern of snowflakes variety of configurations. This sequins, crystals, deer, and even little Santas, which will decorate the nail plates fashionistas.

Anyone who thinks that fashion exclusively covers garments, is deeply mistaken. It dictates what to go, what to drive, the topics of conversation and reading books. Do not forget about such a trendy and current for each woman subjects like the new design of nails.

2014, although adheres to the traditions 2013 regarding the form of nails, but fresh trends in the approach to manicure already traced. In the show of designer clothing models fashion models already show «cat’s claw», that is, their nails from недлинных direct pass the form to the almond-rounded.

But this is only the timid attempts – most women remain with the nail plate of the rectangular form, regardless of accrued nails or her.

It should be noted that long nails that more resemble the claws of birds of prey, still irrelevant. It is no wonder!

Modern woman leads an active life, doing sport, contains house, and myself in order. With long nails is simply inconvenient.

A very important role in the decoration of hands has a coat colour and way of its application. Still in fashion colored nails, as with geometrical ornaments and coloured lacquers with a variety of inclusions: shiny particles, divorce, lacquers-chameleons.

The nail design 2014 winter made its corrections. Still in fashion were 2 colors prevailing in the last year – the red and the black, but a new year’s holidays softer made them blotches of glitter.

One of the наимоднейших trends 2014 – nail design called caviar, translated as black caviar. If manicures of this kind, the nail plate should not deviate much from the nail bed. The length of the nail was not more than 4mm in diameter For the application of «caviar» is a special black lacquer, having in its composition flecks of beads. Bright, festive, and absolutely not aggressive.

You can on the nails do not only black, but red caviar, and even the blue! By the way, 2014, as the most fashionable color for the summer plans to introduce blue, bronze, gold.

For the holiday to revive manicure trendy black and red colors can be the application of horizontal stripes contrast color at the base of the nail plate. This band should not be pushed further wells.

Very young girls designers offer to put on the nails iridescent patterns in the form of peas, spray, or glue multicolored crystals.

Women who are clad in vamp style nails can be completely covered with gold or silver.

If we want to love for the year black lacquer, its festively set off a thin line drawn by gold or silver color, just covering the nail hole. The red lacquer such dash put a varnish more often white.

White lacquered very perfect to perform winter pictures on the nails. It is clear that after the feast of Santa Claus and reindeer with hands have to remove it, otherwise you can look ridiculous, but the jacket, which introduced an element of patterns on glass or snowflakes, you can show off to the rest of the winter.

Ornament of the Christmas patterns – small or large snowflakes applied on the nails, and selectively to the nail plate fingers selectively. For example, a large snowflake on the nail ring finger of the left hand and such on the right middle finger. The rest of the nails just touch the varnish, which snowflake drawn.

Very young girls or women with small hands with medium-sized nails fashion saturated colors are not very good. Decorate for the holiday nails can be such a manicure.

Nails painted pastel or pink varnish. Then, affecting only the protruding tip of the nail plate or offset from its lateral surface not more than 3 – 5 mm, perform there «snow pattern in the form of a coupon of ornament snowflake or draw curl, resembling a frosty pattern on the glass. Drawing, made in such a design, visually increases nails and extend fingers.

I must say that nail design 2014 winter does not limit the colours and patterns of manicure.

Cover the nails only sequins, decorate French manicure with snowflakes, skillfully made at the edge of the nail plate, do everything your imagination.

The only ceased to be relevant stories on their nails, which themselves though are the subject of art, but mass popularity no longer in use. Although the schedule remained in Vogue still. Perhaps this is because time is considered one of the greatest values? And drawing pictures on nails – especially, if on each nail plate plot you need to repeat the individual requires significant time costs.

What else should I consider to be fashionable? Color nail Polish, with or without a pattern him, must blend in with the color of the clothes.

The varnish is used for pedicure, should not contrast with the colour of manicure on their hands, especially if on a holiday to wear transparent tights. .

By the way, pedicure, too, can enter the winter patterns – more daring than hands, and please drawing his cute after the guests leave.

Let the «old» fashionable colors – red and black, from 2013 suffered nail design 2014. Winter dictates the rules. Bright colors, public figures, sequins and snowflakes – in the new year holidays true all that glitters!

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