Girls nails at home, often wonder how to make color gel. Buying transparent or white substance, tips or regulations not included. How to handle this?

If you want to make the color gel nails, it is often buy gels absolutely no benefit. You can buy them, being sure that they will be used. Some bright colors are used very rarely. And for the price gels significantly more transparent. For working with colored gels need to be trained to prevent surprises (let’s say slipping gel nail) because the content of the finished product, substance differs from a transparent consistency. Learning this craft, you can learn the rules as applied gels. In fact, gels should be used to design as a basis (you can just replace Lac) , for creating various pictures on the nails. Toning gel for the artificial nail can be made on: 1) Mixing white or transparent substance with a specific colour pigment; 2) by Adding a simple powder eye shadow. In one case, the resulting color depends on the gel, which is taken for a basis. For a beautiful and bright colors, it is better to use white substance, to get the pearl shade for manicure French need to be transparent. To obtain a new shades can be mixed gels. And the more you take the pigment, the brighter will be the product. Some add in white and transparent consistency of shade, assuming that this method is economical. But this can lead to «отслойкам». Is it because of the content in their composition of different fats and hydrating substances that are not desirable when modeling of nails. There are two options for nail extension with the help of the gel: the form and on tips. Most of the masters, who are only beginning to increase the nails, for the foundations prefer to use the gel. Just because the gel is already sold in ready to use form, and to increase the nails acrylic, should initially mix acrylic powder – имономер. Detail to tell the whole procedure of extension: Prepare the nail plate before applying the gel: necessary for top edge of the nail 180-200 grit. While building on tips, you need to smooth out carefully sew 100-150 grit part типса, there where exactly will it be fixed as the strength of the artificial nail will depend on the readiness of the surface. Cuticle remover, you must first apply specifically tool, then manicure stick to move and cut the skin particles and cuticle with the surface of the nail. If the escalating of nails gel will, in this case, you cannot cut cuticles that no undesirable consequences. The lower form or tips should be chosen the best and precise manner. You need to type the same size as the естественнойногтевой plate, and of the shape of a need to establish under the nail to, she continued. With the help of special типсореза regulate the length of типса. The forms for its formation there are special dividing. To degrease the nail surface and for the clutch nail gel should be applied primer. Apply the so gently, so as not to get on the cuticle and skin. Then you must do the simulation of a thin substrate of the free edge of the desired form. A special brush at the junction of the nail with типсой or form of gel is applied. It is necessary continuously to distribute gel on the whole surface of the nail, first from the centre to the cuticle, next to the free edge and dry in the ultraviolet within 10 seconds. Subtly put the first, preparatory layer. You should dial the brush right amount of gel and model the nail. Again dry nail in the ultraviolet lamp, but for 2-3 minutes. You must repeat this procedure multiple times until the nail is not ready. With the help of special tools will remove the adhesive, or by a model the free edge of the nail, отшлифуем nail nail file more than 180 grit and then Polish it. At this stage you can optionally execute figure (paints, глиттером or color gels) , perform modeling or apply the stickers. And now extended nail apply a finish that will strengthen the nail and add a glossy Shine. Then again we dry in the ultraviolet lamp about 60 seconds for the disappearance of the sticky layer. Gel nails will require a careful care: correction, rearing, repair of cracks and so on. All depends on the individual care of нарощенными nails and their operation. The frequency correction depends on how quickly will grow the natural nail. It is recommended at least once in 5-6 months completely refreshing gel material. Absolutely every job requires careful preparation.

To artificial nails to look more natural, you need to raise qualification, to attend training seminars, as any master, increasing the gel nails, can meet a lot of subtleties, what he must be ready.

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