привызка грызть ногти фотоNail-biting (онихофагия refers primarily in children and adolescents. Sometimes the addiction observed in adults. First of all, this habit signals about any emotional disorder. Therefore, it is urgent to change something in their life and eradicate the problem.

The child on the presence of harmful habits indicate parents. An adult, as a rule, pays special attention to the harmfulness of habit. Therefore, not to bite your nails in later life, better fix the problem in childhood.

The habit of nail biting may have absolutely different in temperament people:

  • Passive, weak and melancholic.
  • Too active, emotional and restless.

But in any case, the problem associated with psychological state. Nail-biting delivers physical pleasure and satisfaction. In a stressful situation, a person thus expresses the negative emotions.

Claws of animals are an instrument of aggression. Nails for people bear only symbolic value. Hence the term: «Release claws». Therefore, when a person gnaws round nails, he hides his aggressiveness. This behavior is observed in certain personalities: timid, cowardly, or, on the contrary, strong people who have consciously suppress aggression.

It is believed that for women, long nails are only aesthetic reasons. However, psychology says that they are a means of protecting both moral and physical. Long nails show of greed women. While those with short nails are soft, but not amenable to influence.

From the point of view of medicine, nail-biting very dangerous. Hands are the main carrier of microbes. People can not even imagine how many harmful bacteria enters the body. And there are people who, in addition to bite nails still and cuticles. A disturbance of the integrity of the skin around the nail. All of this can lead to inflammation.

To get rid of addiction help, first of all, harmony and peace. Start with the main – treatment of the soul.

Do not forget to take care of their hands. Of course, at the first stage it’s hard to control yourself. Come to the aid of the special bitter lacquer. Many cosmetic companies were also concerned about the обгрызания nails. For example, the company Belvedere produces a varnish, which can be used from the age of 3. He has a sharp, bitter taste, so the desire to take a nail in the mouth disappears immediately. Similar products of these companies Mavala, Smart enamel, ORLY, NO BITE, and many others.

Of course, similar measures should be regularly use, while not get rid of the problem. In addition, Lac strengthens and promotes regeneration of the nail plate.

Girl get rid of the addiction help expensive manicure. Spoil beauty is unlikely to be desire.

Naturally, to get rid of harmful addiction is problematic. You must correctly understand the situation in which a person begins to bite nails. Eliminating the cause harmful habit can pass by itself.

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