нейл-артFor women there are many ways to Express your individuality and show others their good taste. One of such ways is nail art. Exquisite nail design always looks stylish and original. Some design options are possible only performed by a professional, but also at home, you can decorate nails in a variety of media.

Novelties of nail art

Bright blue color, smooth transitions of shades, the dazzling brilliance, funny «eggs» on nails and exciting Shine of metal – definitely, fashionistas have what to choose. Vegetable and flower complex patterns lose their actuality, they are replaced with the luxury of abstraction in the «cosmic» – style imitation skins of exotic animals, geometric patterns and various experiments with textures varnish.

Fashion nail design rather democratic: every woman can choose from a variety of fashionable tendencies, not fearing seem outdated or funny. But whatever the approach to nail design, should not overload manicure excessive decor: elegant jewelry look more expressive and stylish.

In fashion as a natural shades, and the eternal classic – black and white, and bright cheerful tones of lavender, blue, salmon, hot pink, bright green, bright yellow.

нейл-арт Malandrino


нейл-арт Rag&Bone



Came into fashion naturalness, and nails fashionistas, too, must look like the most natural. Nails natural tones in the style of «nude» impression ненакрашенных, they are ideally suited to any outfit.

If «naked» nails skin tone seem too boring, you can choose the color white lacquer, as, for example, in the last collection of Malandrino. And in the neon light discos will look absolutely fabulous dazzling white finish, as the brand Rag&Bone.

нейл-арт Erin by Erin Fetherston

Erin by Erin Fetherston

нейл-арт Behnaz Sarafpour

Behnaz Sarafpour

More Shine

Those who don’t like perfectly refined, but still somewhat dull-colored manicure, pay attention to the fashion lucky with metallic effect. Such varnishes selected many brands, including by Erin Erin Fetherston. Varnishes with metallic effect should be applied on the nails peaceful forms and of moderate length – overly aggressive images have long been out of fashion.

Very extravagant looks design where the nails are covered with transparent lacquer, and on the tips of the nail plates applied sparkling dust. Color spraying you can choose any, for example, any shade of gold or silver in combination with bronze, as Behnaz Sarafpour.

нейл-арт Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese

нейл-арт Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

«Unfinished» manicure

Fashion for several seasons «lunar» manicure takes on a new meaning now nail hole is emphasized not a different color varnish, but a different texture. For example, glossy finish nail combined with Matt hole and Vice versa. Tracy Reese offers to play with the form, emphasizing the hole contrasting geometric shapes such as triangles. And on the show Naeem Khan models were painted only nail holes.

Roland Mouret and Issey Miyake went even further: nails models at fashion collections were made up only half full. Lac bright shade of the curtains of the nail plate with some very peculiar design, guaranteed attracting the attention.

нейл-арт Veda


нейл-арт Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

Fashionable ornaments

The most fashionable patterns on nails – this bright cell and laconic «cat’s eye», as in the collection Veda: this figure is very simple, but very expressive. Not to mention the нежелающем out of fashion manicure in the style of «Ombre» with a smooth transition of shades that perfectly suits to dresses in a similar style.

On the show collection Prabal Gurung was demonstrated genuine, although somewhat sinister version French manicure: on the tips of beige-pink nail dark red lacquer, resembling the dripping blood.

нейл-арт Binetti


нейл-арт Joy Cioci

Joy Cioci

Three-dimensional design

Interesting, though not too practical solution offers brand Binetti – nails, reminiscent of oyster shells. Such an original three-dimensional design is created using fake nails, reminiscent of the valves of shells. And small pearls give the design a special charm.

For an evening of great prestige «caviar» design, which implies applying the nails layer of tiny beads, imitation of caviar. However, caviar manicure can be performed not only in black – you can use any bright shades and combinations.

нейл-арт Зоуи Дешанель

Zoe Deschanel

Star manicure

When choosing nail design many repeat the choice of your idols. Decorating themselves, celebrity never forget luxurious, sophisticated or lightly-funny design of nails. For example, singer Beyonce decorates their nails portrait of her beloved husband, and Zoe Deschanel came to the award ceremony «Golden globe-2013» with pictures on the nails camera and film. This actress in General loves to surprise his fans original design of nails. Another star, Katy Perry, and used in his time for nail design characters favorite cartoon.

Loves bright patterns and famous singer Rihanna. Once she appeared at a party with bright yellow nails with images emoticons – repeat such a manicure at home is not difficult. Lady Gaga prefer to surround extravagant nail design and Victoria Beckham chooses universal French manicure or radical black color on the nails.

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