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Turning on morning TV, you can easily find information about what was prepared for the stars to mankind today. Even those who do not believe in horoscope, eagerly anticipating the forecast for your sign of the zodiac, and young people often want to know whether the stars to connect their destinies with the second half. Magical, mysterious power horoscope attracted from time immemorial. Everyone wants to at least half-open a veil of mystery of their existence and future.

АстрологияAstrology is a science ancient and useful. Many horoscope really helps to make decisions, but trusting forecast morning show, it is worth remembering some common misconceptions.

  • «I will not go to work today in the journal says that the Fish will fall meteorite». Making mass horoscope, astrology taking into account only the Sun, ignoring the moon and other planets which are not less important. Therefore, this forecast will always remain just «average temperature in chamber». Sometimes prediction may coincide with reality, so reading horoscope for today do not forget about their own abilities to influence the fate and wrapping of any forecast in its favor.
  • «I Aries know when meeting that guy Taurus, shun it like the devil of incense». At birth the person receives one of the signs of the zodiac, which determines the position of the Sun. Opening the response for any of the mark, it is important to remember that Your case is different. The exact description of a particular mark can only be obtained individually, taking into account all the peculiarities of the place of birth of the person and the positions of the heavenly phone that is why do not attach enormous importance love is projected, dare to meet a sincere love!

A few simple rules will help make the day a success.

  • Morning. Even if the street hurricane, boss/teacher – goat, and a beloved cat нахулиганил in sneakers, do not worry! If you are going to turn to your favorite radio station, sing along favorite performers, recall the pleasant moments of life, in the hallway smile at her reflection and boldly stepping on business.
  • Public transportation. Don’t look at people funeral look. Try to «have fun», looking at them and guessing what everyone does in life.
  • At work/school. If you came to visit Mrs. spleen, or it’s hard to focus, RUB your hands to her ears. This simple exercise can help cheer up. Someone proofreads You or even raises his voice? Do not start and not take everything too close to my heart, at worst remember бородатом joke about hedgehogs.
  • Free time. Try to leave evening only for oneself and ones relatives. It is also very useful for a walk before going to sleep, let freshness in Your thoughts and pleasant fatigue in the body.

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