Many women are concerned with the state of nails. The most common cause for excitement – stratification of the nail plates. Actually, that exfoliate fingernails, is not only a cosmetic problem, but a signal failure in the body.

On Аюверде, brittle weak nails indicate a violation of the part of the organism responsible for bone and tissue binding. Nails strongly exfoliate in bowel diseases, pathological changes in the thyroid or pancreas, fungal lesions.

Nail exfoliation is often observed during significant hormonal reorganizations in the body: in adolescents, pregnant and experiencing menopause women. Also the layer nails are a consequence of a lack of calcium, silicon and vitamin D.

Sometimes ladies observing a particularly strict diet, notice that exfoliate nails. The reason is that due to unbalanced nutrition body feels the deficit of vitamins and mineral substances. Often damage the nail plates is the result of the use of household chemicals without hand protection rubber gloves. And, finally, the nails often deteriorate due to improper care: use of substandard nail Polish, acetone instead of special washes funds.

Chronic changes nail plates should undergo a medical examination, and in case of detection of violations in the work of a system of the body and to treat disease. If no serious disease is not identified, then you have to adjust your diet. Menu should include rich in calcium foods: cheese, dairy products, fish from the sea.

Also for healthy nails useful to use dates, figs, spinach, apricots, vegetable oil. Our ancestors noted that the best way affects the appearance of the nail consumption Brawn, jellied dishes and jelly, manufactured on the basis of gelatin.

Superb effect on the state of the nails, however, skin and hair, too, frequent use avocado, oily flesh which contains полинасыщенные fatty acids, which are necessary for maintaining a healthy balance. A great help for Polish, as for the whole organism, are vitamins, especially аэвит, askorutin and vitamin-mineral complexes with calcium and vitamin D.

An important factor in ensuring good condition nail, is the right systematic care for them. Culture, decoration, which was born still in the Ancient world, gradually evolved and reached its apogee.

High-quality and beautiful manicure pleases not only its possessor, but sometimes is a design masterpiece. But we should not forget that whatever the quality varnishes, nails from time to time you should give a rest from the lacquer coating.

It should also carefully consider buying a пилочек nail. Experts recommend not to use metal products, and it is better to buy nail files with special coating, the application of which protects against scratches, chipping, small cracks. When casting a nail in order not to be rasp of their land, as the nail plate is more fragile and vulnerable.

Women have quite a lot of time to devote to household. As a result of constant interaction with water and chemicals strongly exfoliate nails. What to do in this case? A beneficial effect on the state of the nails have therapeutic baths. For example, olive oil (or other vegetable oil with addition of lemon juice.

You can to heighten the effect, pour in the mixture, vials of vitamin A. Also well on nails affect baths with warm vegetable oil and 5 – 6 drops of iodine. A great tool to restore your nails are baths with sea salt, after which it is recommended to treat nails waxing.

Immersing in designated solutions nails daily for 20 – 25 minutes, it is possible to considerably strengthen nail plate and completely eliminate the bundle. Good result gives a rubbing of the nails juices cranberries, black currant, lemon. It is useful to apply her nails glycerin or nourishing cream, leaving the matter, all night (you can wear cotton gloves) . Pharmacies are available creams, gels and varnishes with the content of panthenol, keratin proteins, allantoin, liposomes conducive to rapid recovery of nails

It happens that the brittle nails caused by dry skin and poor condition of the cuticle. It is therefore very important to lubricate nourishing creams and oils hands and nail surface completely. Excellent remedy against dry skin – mustard oil, which is rubbed into the skin.

Regular massage helps to restore firmness and elasticity of the nails. For this is placed on a palm of a few drops of any essential oil (rose, sandalwood, sesame and so on ) and soft movements seasoning RUB in a skin of the hands and nails. Cosmetology rooms and hairdressing salons offers effective treatment – «sealing».

Layering of medical preparations with vitamins and minerals strengthens the nail plate, dryness of the skin and gives a well-groomed appearance wrists. Cosmetologists recommend carrying out this procedure at least once a month. A worthy alternative to the «sealing» are paraffin bath, which manicure add nutrients. To restore the integrity of the nail plates enough to spend a couple of sessions.

Whatever the reason nail exfoliation, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the impact of negative factors. After all, a good manicure men perceived subconsciously as a testimony of health of the lady.


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