MTV Europe Music Awards-2013: триумфаторы и шоу

The ceremony of MTV Europe Music Awards in these minutes takes place in Amsterdam, and has already become known to the first names of the winners. So, “the Best performer was the Katy Perry, “The best executor” – Justin Bieber the group 30 Seconds to Mars won the award in the category “Best alternative rock-group”and Eminem became “the Best hip-hop project”.

Bruno Mars won in the category “Best song” with the track Locked Out Of Heaven.

“The best Russian singer became Zemfira, which left behind such competitors as Basta, Tree, Nyusha and Ivan Dorn. In the category “Best international artist” the victory was gained by Chris Lee. Beyonce won the nomination “Best live act”.

Harry Stiles was awarded for “the Best way”, but the band Tokio Hotel – for “Best фанатскую support” (wow, they still exist!).

But not only winners, sometimes unexpected, memorable ceremony. Miley Cyrus once again surprised everybody with a concert in one of which, already традионно, appeared on stage nearly naked. Katy Perry “hovering” over the room in the spotlight, and Robin TEC performed with полуголыми girls Breasts, which hid the only rhinestones.

на mtv ema 2013
Miley Cyrus

майли сайрус
…and another image of Miley Cyrus MTV EMA

майли сайрус

кэти перри на mtv ema 2013
Katy Perry

кэти перри на mtv ema 2013

бруно марс на mtv ema 2013
Bruno Mars

робин тик
Robin TEC

kings of leon на mtv ema 2013
Kings of Leon

The first winners of the MTV EMA-2013:

Best song:

Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven

бруно марс на mtv ema 2013
Bruno Mars

The best performer:

Katy Perry

Best singer:

Justin Bieber

Best live act:


Best hip-hop project:


эминем на mtv ema 2013

The best way:

The best rock group:

Green Day

The best alternative group:

30 seconds to Mars

джаред лето
Jared Leto

Harry Stiles

Best international artist:

Chris Lee

Best Russian contractor:


Photo of the winners:

кэти перри на mtv ema 2013
Katy Perry

крис ли
Chris Lee

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