монструозный маникюрSomething new and unusual in our way immediately becomes the subject of discussion in other people. However, such an interest only warms up our efforts to look original and unusual. One of the tools to create an image of a manicure and carefully designed. That such a monstrous, manicure, and do this, we will tell you on the website

The concept of «monstrous» reminds us of something huge and monstrous. And one word only gives us the horror, forcing tremble in fear. The same can be said about the design of the nails in the style. Speech in this case goes about using elements of the decor and drawing skills to create a beautiful and bright manicure, memorable dark mood. Nail design in this style looks flashy and extraordinary.

Monstrous, nail design its appearance must doll series, issued for bright and restless girls. It is the creators of this unusual toys dispelled the myth that the monsters must be monstrous and terrible, discouraging children in their appearance. All the dolls in this series welcoming and friendly, but stand out for their bright and extraordinary images in the style of count Dracula and other similar characters.

To create монструозного manicure, you need all sorts of materials and accessories, used in the nail industry. So you can use acrylic paints and brush, sand different colors and shades, artificial star, spider web, and so on. Forced to work imagination is necessary already at the stage of thinking through the design, to advance to purchase all the necessary accessories.

Monstrous, nail design needs to be carefully thought-out details and the correct selection of color combinations. An example, again, can serve as dolls, which are mentioned above. So manicure can be made using black and hot pink, purple and yellow, blue and pink, and so on. The main thing is that, despite this terrible name, design and boring and too dark.

Now offer you the website one of the variants of nail design in the style of «monstro».

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монструозный маникюр

монструозный маникюр

монструозный маникюр

Monstrous, manicure in the style of count Dracula  

This option nail design this for several жутковатом style requires a catchy mix of bright pink and black. Bright shade attached to the General image of some romance, softening the gloom of the dark colours.

The main emphasis of this interesting option монструозного manicure in the style of count Dracula is the web. Moreover, this type of design can be considered one of the most simple, the creation of which does not require any specific knowledge and skills.

Monstrous, nail design with decor in a spider’s web can be done in two ways. In the first version of the web is drawn just paint on a General background, which is the lacquer bright-pink shade. But for working with the second option will need a special grid-wide web, bought at the store, manicure accessories.

  1. Perform a standard procedure for the preparation of the nail plate to capacity.
  2. Apply the first layer of gel on which we spread our mesh-wide web. The special role which part of the nail will be our thread, that is not important. This may be the area near the cuticle, center, or the free edge. But do not forget that the design, the main emphasis of which is on the free edge of the nail will be a much longer stay outwardly attractive. So we also stop your choice on the location of the web on the free edge like French manicure.
  3. Send nails lamp and dry for three minutes. Next, apply a second layer of gel and again dries, finishing the job to build a topcoat.

However, as we already mentioned, the basis монструозного manicure is a combination of black and pink. And if, in the role of the black will perform a spider’s web, with pink have to dream a little yourself. Alternatively, it can be sequins or the sand of the desired color, which will decorate our web pink glitter. Or maybe you want to use the foil? Yes and cute pink spider will serve as a perfect complement to a black wide web.

Note that this is only one variant of design in the style of «monstro», of which there are many. Connecting imagination and experimenting with different options, you can invent and other types of монструозного manicure, each of which will look bright and extraordinary. And your image for a party on the occasion of the celebration of Halloween will be perfect.

If you notice yellowing of some sections of your nails, or the entire nail plate changed color, then you must know the reason for the change and get to the correct treatment. See here>>>.

монструозный маникюр

монструозный дизайн ногтей

монструозный дизайн ногтей

монструозный дизайн ногтей

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