Today, dentists and orthodontists offer a lot of types of preservation of the teeth. These include methods of restoration and prosthetics. The choice of treatment depends on the condition of oral cavity and specifics of the problem. Restoring a tooth, the orthodontist strives to preserve healthy portions of the source using 2 options – tabs and stify. Stomat. prosthetics in Kiev also implies a greater variety of methods.

Removable prosthetics

These devices are unique, because are selected in accordance with the anatomical features of the patient’s mouth. The choice of prostheses and designs is great.

Advantages of removable prosthetics:

  • affordable prices;
  • the reliability of designs;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • the possibility of individual choice, so the discomfort during the wear will be minimal.

The denture must be removed daily to clean him up. You should also carefully observe hygiene of an oral cavity.

Fixed prosthetics

Effective way of restoring teeth that allows you to purchase beautiful and even smile. There is a possibility to restore the tooth with any degree of damage. The cost of removable prosthetics also small.


Clasp dentures – prosthetics with the help of special systems in the form of an arc. Used in loss of teeth, as well as in various diseases, such as periodontal disease.

The advantages of a loop:

  • reliable fixation of unstable teeth;
  • almost invisible, do not spoil a smile.


This method applies to fixed options. The method involves the honing of the tooth for a crown. Also, the tooth should be pulpless, to install special tabs that increase the resistance of the tooth to damage.

Advantages of porcelain fused to metal:

  • the excellent appearance of the teeth;
  • low price.


Includes both internal prosthetics, and external. Internal prostheses are special tabs and the outer veneers.

Pros microprosthetics: -allows you to not only replace the seal, but also significantly improve the appearance of teeth.

Bridge prosthetics

Used when restoring a single tooth, next to which on both sides are healthy. Healthy teeth grind, then they are set crowns. This method experts use infrequently, because complete removal of the tooth leads to bone atrophy, which he was holding.

Conditionally removable method

This method involves two methods: the prosthesis is attached with details of adjacent teeth; root screws, on which is placed the prosthesis. The doctor can easily remove the prosthesis, which is quite convenient.

Pros conditionally removable method:

  • no visible attachments on the teeth;
  • aesthetic appearance of the dentition;
  • does not require hygienic procedures, such as dentures;
  • easy to remove and is long.

The choice of method of prosthetics is being discussed with a specialist dental clinicwhich will take into account all the nuances of the individual characteristics of the oral cavity.

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