Nail enjoys recently very popular. After using this procedure, a woman may adjust the length and shape of your nails and make them well-groomed appearance.

Some believe that the nail is not as fashionable as a few years ago. Professional manicure and stylists say that this is a misconception. Indeed, over the past few years, the fashion has changed somewhat including in relation to the length and shape of nails. Very long nails considered bad taste.

But the build-up and has not lost its popularity, as it allows to adjust the shape of their nails a bit to lengthen them. This service is now available in almost all the beauty salons. For anybody not a secret, that there are different ways of building nails, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main types of nail – gel and acrylic. Their main difference is that in carrying out the procedures used different materials. In the first case material for nail extension is a special gel, which tends to harden under the ultraviolet lamp. Extension technology may include the use tips or forms. Tips – plate-shaped nail.

In the process of building the wizard applies them to the nails client records using the gel and then corrects, so that the resulting nail looked more natural. Form – special device, which can be applied to the natural nail and further to increase its length by using the gel. After the material hardens, the shape can be removed, and the wizard will perform a correction of the resulting nails.

Gel build-up has several significant advantages. Firstly, this material is strong enough, but at the same time flexible. He looks very natural. In addition, special material properties allow him to pass air, which significantly improves the health of their nails. Since in the process build-up gel is used ultraviolet irradiation, this allows you to make additional disinfection, and that will be an excellent prevention of fungal diseases. It should be noted that it was fear of Contracting fungal diseases and worsen the condition of their nails warns many women from growing. In the case of the use of quality gel and proper nail dryers, do not be shy.

Experts note that the materials for the build-up gel can differ essentially from each other. Distinguish three-phase, two-phase and single-phase extension). Three-phase systems include the use of three main materials : adhesive, modeling substances and sealant. Two-phase capacity involves the use of only the first two materials. In single-phase capacity will apply to only one substance, which combines the functions of all three materials. It is also considered the most effective.

Acrylic capacity is significantly different from the gel and has its own features. For this treatment is used powder substance acrylic, which is only in contact with a special liquid solidifies, forming acrylate. This transformation happens very quickly. In most cases, 1-2 minutes to acrylic completely froze and turned to solid state. During this time, the master need to model the nail and to correct it, because in the future this would be impossible. After drying acrylate master of nail polishes, giving it the desired length and shape.

A significant advantage of this type of build is that in this case the nails can be initially painted in any color. It depends on those supplements that manufacturer adds in acrylic. «Acrylic» nails do not need to paint varnish is the easiest way to initially choose the color of the material. But some still prefer to paint such nails. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the update of the covering should be rare, as the varnish keeps on акрилате amazing.

Capacity using acrylic material is cheaper than using the gel. But it is believed to be more harmful. It is known that the natural nail is not breathing under such cover, that’s why he gradually becomes thinner, and starts hurting. In addition, when carrying out procedures apply to substances which are not the best way affect the condition of your nails. Many of them are so toxic that can cause allergies. Some clients don’t like odor that accompanies this procedure.

Methods nail differ significantly from each other, but you must always remember that this procedure is important not only how, but also the professionalism of the masters, who will be producing capacity.

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