Having made a decision to increase your nails, first of all I would like to know what materials are used for building nails. The most common materials is gel and acrylic. Which of these materials is more reliable and safer?

Nowadays there are a number of technologies and means of nail modeling. But all the same remain the main ways of nail extension with gel and acrylic. With regard to the quality of these materials, there is a mass of conflicting opinions. Many customers who had not previously experienced with the process of building, believe acrylic very harmful material, giving preference to gel. In most cases, these opinions are based on acrylic has an unpleasant chemical smell, and the gel does not smell and looks safe. This opinion is erroneous, because the gel and acryl have very similar chemical composition. Plus they have the same influence on the nail plate. If the wizard properly trained to artificial nail extension, private nail plate is not in any way be affected, even after long periods of wear nail as acrylic and gel.

Considering the technology of increasing the gel nails, it should be noted that the gel – material, that has the ability to harden when exposed to ultraviolet rays and forms on the nail reliable coverage. Using gel, nail will become pleasant and always long-awaited procedure, as hardening, gel always forms a smooth and glossy covers the nail bed. Gel is applied usually on tips. This special plates fixed on own nail. After that they are treated with a special nail files, they are given the correct length and form. After all the procedures are completed, you can apply the gel. This procedure does not tolerate haste and requires great accuracy, since the gel has a property to spread. Gel caused by sloppy way, will look ugly streaks may appear or bumps and nail need to redo. After the gel nails done not to, it should be dried under the rays of a special ultraviolet lamp. Otherwise gel simply not harden. Another option nail gel – building with the use of special forms, which are placed under the nail edge, without the use of type C. Many prefer covered by a layer of gel their own nails. This strengthens them, making beautiful and shiny. A wizard helps you adjust the shape of the nail.

Gel – strong material, but it requires compliance with certain rules proper handling of extended nails. When wearing nail of the gel should avoid direct hits and chemical exposure. Because if on the nail will be a crack, firstly – it will be very painful, secondly – the nail will have to change to a new one. Besides gel nails do not like changes in temperature. Therefore, having come home from the cold, do not give up under the hot water immediately, wait for a few minutes. Acrylic is a special powder to receive a dense mass must be mixed with a special fluid (monomer) .

Those who prefer acrylic nails, capacity will need to be done with the help of special forms. In this case, all depends on the professionalism of the master, because acrylic freezes very quickly, it would take him about two minutes. Therefore, the wizard requires care and accuracy. After acrylic hardens, his polished nail file, giving the desired form. If acrylic nails built a good specialist, they look as natural, and various additives will help to change the color of the nail. It is believed that the nails, made of acrylic, much stronger gel nails. The only drawback is sharp, unpleasant smell during the procedure of extension.

White tips prefer women who lead a more active lifestyle and they need to be strong, not brittle nails. Acrylic nails can last a long time if to take care of them and in time make a correction. Moreover, they do not need to periodically take to give a respite to their nails. Porous composition acrylic allows to their own nails breathe and so the rest of them is not necessary. If long time wearing artificial nails, it contributes to correction of the form of their own nail. Besides acrylic nails much easier to shoot than gel. It is enough to put a special composition and removed carefully with a dry cloth. The gel nails can only be cut down, that negatively affects the nail plate, and the procedure of filing enough not pleasant.

Based on the foregoing, it is difficult to definitely say that it is better for nail gel or acrylic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Another important point: if the nails are covered with a varnish, remove the varnish should be fluid, which does not contain acetone acetone contributes to the fact that an artificial nail loses its Shine and a yellowish tint. As such nails will never look well-groomed and attractive. If you follow all the rules, care extended nails and in time make correction, the question arises: what is the best nail gel or acrylic, because for any nail care. Only then they will last a long time and will look perfectly. Do not forget that before going to the procedure of the nails, must be thoroughly prepared for this their nails. It should be for a few days to make manicure and strengthen the nail plate with special baths. Strengthening of nails is a very important process, especially if the nails are brittle and fragile. In the future, you can apply strengthening nail acrylic, that will make them stronger and healthier.

It is believed that those who want to have beautiful nails should be chosen not material, and a qualified master. Because only a good specialist can do the hand of a woman beautiful, gentle and well groomed.


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