When the nail starts to grow in the lateral direction and grows into the skin rolls, then it is considered ingrown. It is important to start treating this pathology, to avoid complications.

Ingrown nail on the foot can occur for various reasons. Most often this is due to wearing tight shoes. Often, this pathology is manifested due to flat feet or fungal infection. In some cases, ingrown nails can occur due to injury or incorrectly held pedicure. But in any case it is necessary to think over the treatment of such pathology. Currently, it comes with some basic ways.

So, most often the treatment of ingrown toenails happens surgically. Here there is a complete removal of the nail plate. It also removes the part of the tissues that have been deformed by ingrown nail. Do surgery under anaesthetics, they are local. To provide free access to the affected nail, soft tissue necessarily cut. Then after the plate is completely removed, and the sutures. They take three days. It is important that the patient has spent the postoperative period the house and took analgesics. To his work, he may proceed only one month, provided that the wound will heal quickly.

Treatment of ingrown nail with the help of radio waves. This method is used in many clinics of Europe and Russia. In the course of its application, the patient is removed exclusively вросшую part of the nail, soft tissue, nearby, is not exposed to injury. It is important to notice that this method of treatment excludes occurrence of relapse. Whereas in case of surgical intervention it is possible. Plus this treatment consists in the fact that it is virtually painless.

The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes. Radiowave treatment can be used at any stage of disease. Operation in this case is done with anesthetics, but they are applied only on the nail. In the course of the nail plate and growth zone is exposed to special processing of radio waves. During this removes extra soft tissue and part of the nail. When the operation does not require stitches, is done only ligation. It should then patient change on a regular basis and ensure that it would not get wet.

Ingrown nails are often treated plates. So, they are able to correct the deformation of the nail plate and the elimination of the inflammatory process. Usually, these plates made of leaf springs and covered with fiberglass. Paste the plate across the nail. They raise the nail so that it began to grow properly. You have to use them for several months.

Quite often for the treatment of ingrown nail apply the laser technique. It is modern and is used in many medical centers and clinics. Experts say that such a method no less effective than any other, has several advantages. First of all, it is to make deep cuts. Secondly, it is completely bloodless. Thirdly, it is painless. Fourth, during the procedure is minimal injury to the tissues and nail. Fifthly, a short term recovery, it is only a few days.

During surgery using the laser remains the nail plate is almost completely removed only by her side ingrown part. The operation is very fast. It takes less than 10 minutes. It differs aesthetics and not high price. This methodology allows us to ensure that the patient will not happen relapse.

The essence of this technique is that when a laser beam is first made purification of purulent, where took a nail. During this time there is evaporating tissue infected with a pathology. While those that are healthy, remains unaffected. Then remove the nail plate, which is located in the nail fold. In the course of this not broken line nail growth, which excludes damage and deformation in the future. When using this method, you can be sure that then not have inflammations, if the patient after surgery will use special ointments.

It is important to note that all of these modern methods of treatment are the most effective. From their use to be able to get a great result. Many methods allow in a short time to overcome this disease. While the conservative methods of treatment – baths, физеопроцедуры, bandages and other, do not bring the desired result. They provide the effect only for a short time. After this pathology again makes itself felt. The same applies to treatment by national ways. They are not effective and completely cured thanks to them from ingrown nail will not succeed. Thus, it is important not to waste time on such treatment, which does not give the desired results, and to pay attention to modern techniques, which allow to forget about this pathology.

Modern methods of treatment of ingrown nail presented several species. Each of them is effective and can cure the meek term. Because you should stop your choice on them.

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