What distinguishes the modern elegant woman? Of course, it’s her style! One unique and inherent only to her and no one else. And from what he is created? And develops and creates one of those small things, which will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness.

Your image

Modern costume jewellery – here is the indispensable accessory, which in a complex with stunning dress, skillfully chosen handbag, elegant scarf and a spectacular-looking hat will create yours, and only yours, a stunning image, personality, will distinguish you from the crowd, highlight the excellent taste.

With skillfully chosen jewelry you will always look stunning, forcing men to look you in the trail, the envy of your соперниц.Бижутерия – it’s your little secret, with the help of these small and fine gizmos attracts envious glances.


You doubt that artificial jewelry compatible with elegance? No doubt, if they are done with great taste, skill and качеством.Стоит remind, that bijouterie become a high fashion, with the light hand of the world famous Coco Chanel. Their model she always complementary to a large number of chains under «gold», elegant rings and long beads of artificial pearls. Costume jewellery of high class created by famous masters, sometimes even exceeds the cost of decoration of the real treasures!

But of course do not forget that, of course, not any articles of jewelry will look advantageously in your case. Only the ability to pick themselves as decoration, and their number, will help you to complement your image and emphasize its elegance and uniqueness of style.

Types of jewelry

Remember that fashion jewelry has no direction only two species. One simulates real jewelry. Sometimes there is so masterfully made jewelry that is hard to distinguish it from authentic jewelry. The second is a decoration, made of cheap materials, such as acrylic, titanium, beads, etc… In such cases, the elegance and beauty of such jewellery depends only on how skillfully they are made and designed.

Norwegian costume jewelry

Long, Norwegian masters were famous for their art of execution of jewelry. Applying the silver and bronze, they were forced to play these metals reflection of the rays of precious stones and gems. Today this magnificence can decorate and you through the online store of jewelry with the Norwegian collection from the company, Arts&Crafts.

All jewelry from the collection are created with great love and attention to detail. Sparkling Swarovski crystals, drops sparkling glass, enamel and hand-cut, this glass jewelry, beaded drops joined together due diligence of skilled Norwegian masters. A special alloy, covered with bronze or silver 925, used for the manufacture of most jewelry. The collection of the silver jewelry different elegant execution and elegance of style. You can find a silver feathers, amulets, scarabs made in the Egyptian style, Buddha, and even the head волков.Все products from a collection made of materials that do not cause allergies and may not cause any harm to your health.

Collection of Arts&Crafts is not just a guarantee of the highest style and present quality of manufacture, is the elegance and beauty in each decoration, made, if only for вас.Каталог our online store is your casket of jewels that adorn your wrist, neck or fingers on weekdays and in the days of gala events.

Whether you go to work or on a date with my man – you can always find themselves here that will allow you to emphasize your style and stay elegant and unique.

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