современный дизайн ногтей фотоOur society places a special demand to female beauty. One concerns the well-groomed hands and beautiful nails.

современный дизайн ногтей фото

Modern design of nails is a new trend in the art of creating appearance. Today there are so many variants of nail art. Sequins, crystals, art painting gels and paints, body-piercing – the only limit is your imagination and preferences.

голубой дизайн ногтей современный фото

The most popular is considered  art painting. Figure applied to the natural or artificial nail using special brushes. Another option painting – with the help of stencils and finished drawings.

синий современный дизайн ногтей фото

The growing popularity of the aquarium nail design. Run it on artificial nails and creates the illusion of the figure behind the glass. And all because the picture is placed between two layers of coating that provides extra protection against damage.

современный желтый дизайн ногтей фото

Modern nail design includes such a thing as three-dimensional design. This decoration is suitable only to exceptional cases. Volumetric image created with acrylic powder and gel and lasts a couple of days.

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