Миранда Керр в откровенной фотосессии Терри Ричардсона

Model Miranda Kerr starred in a Frank scandalous photo shoot photographer Terry Richardson, who is known for his provocative works with Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Paris and Nicky Hilton and even Lena Данэм.

30-year-old mother Flynn Bluma posing first in tight blue jeans and a plaid shirt Mantilla over the translucent black bra. Later Kerr remains only in a sensual and very Frank lace underwear set, as well as in stockings. During the filming Terry even put her on the neck.

Note that on December 19 Miranda Kerr walked in the cool of new York in the translucent sweater with an open line of cleavage.

By the way, according to Forbes ranking in 2013, Miranda Kerr took the second place among the most highly paid models of the world after Giselle Bundchen.

SPLETNIK.RU wants to know your opinion: is it too far gone Miranda? And what star naked through the lens of Richardson’s next? Make forecasts!

миранда керр
Terry Richardson and Miranda Kerr

тери ричардсон и керр

Миранда Керр-1

Миранда Керр-2

Миранда Керр-4

December 19, Miranda Kerr walked in the cool of new York

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