Майли Сайрус разделась в поддержку борьбы с цензурой в США

Miley Cyrus posted in Twitter Christmas photo of her chest, “veiled” hearts. It turns out, this is not another outrageous pranks singer, and the struggle against censorship.

Comment to the photo read:

Merry Christmas! Thank you, new York, for the fact that you’re the only state in which the show “Liberate ” nipple”.

“Loose the nipple is an independent documentary film to be released in January 2014. It is a challenge to American law on censorship, stating that the violence is exposed to much lower ban than a naked body, in particular, the nipples on television normally or blur, or close the black squares.

21-year-old Cyrus was in support of the film several times.

Let’s remind, the former star of Disney often undresses on stage and in music videos. In the video Wrecking Ball, the Director of which was Terry Richardson, she was naked completely.

13 December Miley performed at the Christmas ball in new York in micro-dress with red sequins and danced twerking next to Santa.

You support a noble impulse Miley?

Майли Сайрус

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Miley Cyrus in new York dancing twerking

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майли сайрус twerking

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