Майли Сайрус cтанцевала twerking на рождественском балу

On the eve of Miley Cyrus visited the Christmas ball Jingle Ball in Los Angeles organized by the radio station KIIS FM.

21-year-old singer performed at the event and danced twerking together with Santa Claus in his hand was an empty bottle. Red sequins, weird tongue sticking out, branded choreographic movements and fur handbag Chanel – all this we have already seen. However, Miley has never sang into the microphone as Christmas candy.

Previously Miley admitted that she is very upset with the lack of her mother, Tish, in the auditorium, and said in Twitter:

I’m afraid to speak without mom. It would be better if she was there.

This year, Cyrus was clearly a bad girl. What would give her Santa on Christmas?

майли сайрус
Miley Cyrus dancing twerking

майли сайрус twerking

майли сайрус-4

майли сайрус тверкинг

Майли Сайрус-7
Miley Cyrus and gnome in latex

Майли Сайрус рождество

Майли Сайрус бал

Майли Сайрус-3
Miley Cyrus goes to the ball

Майли Сайрус бал-1

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