Майли Сайрус и Барак Обама в списке наименее влиятельных знаменитостей

American GQ made a list of the least influential celebrities in 2013 and it is completely and some familiar names. In the list of publications were Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Prince George and U.S. President Barack Obama.

First place went to the scandalous regular player Dennis Родману. Earned it the fact that this year has visited North Korea and made friends with the dictator Kim Jong Ыном. 

Justin Биберу, was on the fourth place, got a lot of accusations for example, that he dresses up as a “blind magician”.

Miley Cyrus landed on the sixth place – the reason was, of course, her scandalous behavior – from the speech at the VMA ceremony and ending выкуренным on the stage of the award EMA косячком.

Barack Obama did something wrong, the fact that, according to the newspaper, this year was not doing anything that is incompatible with the status of the President of the United States.

The baby Prince George earned the title of one of the least influential celebrities because of the incredible popularity in the absence of any achievements (and where they take up at such an early age?).

Among other least influential celebrities – actor Ryan Reynolds the whole family Will Smith rain CIA Edward Snowden and Lady Gaga.

деннис родман наименее влиятельный
First place – Dennis Rodman

джастин бибер наименее влиятельный
The fourth place – Justin Bieber

майли сайркс наименее влиятельная
The sixth – Miley Cyrus

пирнц джордж
The eighth place – Prince George

семейка уилла смита
10th place-the Smith family

леди гага наименее влиятельная
11 – Lady Gaga

барак обама в gq
The 17th-Barack Obama

райан рейнольдс наименее влиятельный
18th place – Ryan Reynolds

эдвард сноуден
22nd – Edward Snowden

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