Майкл Джордан и Иветт Прието ждут первенца

Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto waiting for the firstborn. The information was confirmed by the player in an interview with People.

Pair met in a club in Miami in 2008.

The wedding took place in Florida. At the wedding in the Church was attended by 500 people, and after, when the event was moved to the territory of the Golf-club, joined a capacity of 1,500 people. Among them were noticed golfer tiger woods and some members of the former basketball team Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. In the evening all the participants got a Grand fireworks.

For Jordan this is the fourth child: three previous him bare ex-wife Juanita Bathtub, whom he divorced in 2006 after 17 years of marriage.

Once again congratulations to Michael and Yvette with the expectation of a firstborn!

майкл джордан
Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan

майкл джордан ребенок
Wedding Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

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