Мерил Стрип назвала Уолта Диснея "гендерным расистом"

The favorite of millions, Hollywood actress Meryl Streep at the dinner of the National Council of film critics, on Tuesday night, has criticized the media tycoon Walt Disney. In particular, she called him “gender racist” and recalled that he was a member of the organization, which promotes anti-Semitism.

So, for dinner Meryl Streep took the floor to congratulate the actress Emma Thompson with a nomination for the prestigious BAFTA film award. Strip colleague called “beautiful actress”, even “almost sacred”, then read verses of own composition and quoted the letter of Walt Disney the woman of the indicator, which name is not informed:

Women are not able to do creative work associated with the preparation cartoons into a film. This work is done exclusively by boys and men.

Meryl Streep also recalled that a colleague Disney – Walter Kimball said, “you can’t trust women and cats”.

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

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