медицинский педикюр пилочкой фотоWhat is the difference medical pedicure from the usual? Medical pedicure aims not only to foot care, skin and the appearance of the nails, in the first place it aims to improve the health of the feet helps to maintain the skin and nails in the proper condition and solves existing problems.

Medical pedicure used by doctors to solve problems of various diseases of the foot, fungal diseases, complicated calluses, corns and cracks, helps to struggle with ingrown nails and prevents them again. Nice pedicure typically higher than the usual cabin.

Medical pedicure at a fungus

Nail fungus is very common disease. Unfortunately, it can be treated slow and difficult. Help to solve the problem of fungus medical pedicure. Fungus nail characterized by a change in color and deformation of the nail plate, peeling skin and cracks. In such cases, help is only the removal of the nail plate. One procedure of medical pedicure with the help of special device to complete and painless removal of the nail plate. With such a pedicure use the complex approach to treatment, the combination antifungal drugs and apparatus treatment. Therefore, healing and regrowth of the nail plate is fast and painless.

медицинский педикюр в клинике фото

Medical apparatus pedicure

Medical pedicure happens hardware method, the dry method. It requires a thorough disinfection, and is carried out only by specialists in sterile conditions. It will save not only the beauty of your legs, but also their health. Medical pedicure supplemented treatment of special products, which you will write a physician. Also pedicure supplemented therapeutic baths or foot massage. Pedicure helps to solve many problems which previously were cured only by surgery.

медицинский педикюр в салоне фото

Pedicure ingrown nail

Ingrown nails long ceased to be a difficult problem to be solved only by surgery. Today there is a new way, part of a kind of medical pedicure. Вросшую nail plate adjust with the help of the gold plates. Such a plate brings inconvenience, it is not a commonly allergenic. Plate is mounted on the nail and gradually it evens out.

If you got infected finger after pedicure

After a hardware medical pedicure probability of inflammation is very small. All procedures are performed in sterile conditions. The doctor dressed in a sterile gown or apron. If you did nail plate or other long-lasting procedures, then throughout the recovery process you watching the doctor.

медицинский педикюр ванночка фото

Pedicure diabetic foot

This problem is very complicated and serious, so trust pedicure a diabetic patient should only doctors-professionals.

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