avene лечебная косметика Among other medical cosmetics sold in pharmacies, you can select French medical cosmetics’avene on the basis of thermal water. The company’avene is one of the subsidiaries of the concern Pierre Fabre Laboratories. The majority of subsidiaries of the group are highly specialized, producing only a certain type of product. In the case of the company’avene specialization began production of the cosmetic means on the basis of thermal water from the same source located near Севеннского massif (Cévennes). The healing properties of thermal waters in France have a very long time, but cosmetics on their basis was published only in XX century.

Water source’avene has a neutral pH, its enriched quartz. This component gives the thermal water property calm too sensitive skin. In addition to the thermal water and the usual components, cosmetics firm’avene contains a large number of plant components, in the development of which involved not only the specialists of the company, but such acknowledged masters as the staff of the laboratory «Shiseido».

The main firm

Assortment of medical cosmetics’avene is relatively small, mainly by means of skin care (creams, lotions, cleansers, moisturizers) and a small palette of decorative makeup on dry and very sensitive skin. Generally this very type of skin (dry, overdried, sensitive, гиперчувствительная) was originally oriented company products, care products for normal and oily skin and sun protection cosmetics appeared among the products of the firm later.

Medical cosmetics’avene used for normal skin care, and in the complex of therapeutic measures for the suppression of various skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, neirodermit, eczema, burning, itching, and skin recovery operations plastic surgery.

Classification means that currently the company produces’avene is simple. For each type of skin – children’s, dry and atonic, normal, oily, problem and oily, sensitive – there is a series of caring. In addition, the funds can be classified by degree of impact: support for the General improvement, healing. The first rather support the current condition of the skin, slightly improving it, the latter will have the effect of a gradual improvement of skin quality, others have pronounced curative effect and is usually used in the complex therapy in the treatment of serious skin problems.

Thermal water as a Supplement to conventional cosmetics

In addition to the usual cosmetic means on the basis of thermal water’avene offers the thermal water in its pure form, its use instead of usual water is beneficial effect on the condition of the skin even in those cases when use of any cosmetic means impossible or undesirable. Especially convenient thanks to the use of water sprays, this is an indispensable tool to quickly take a refreshing dip in the road or out in public. This water will help to remove fatigue of the skin, giving it a healthy and attractive appearance.

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