лечебная косметикаMedical cosmetics are called differently. Medical, dermatological, drug – all these terms are valid and not provoke разнотолков. Often mistakenly put on one level with professional salon, natural, eco or bio – and other families of cosmetics, that makes a certain confusion in the correct interpretation and understanding of what medical cosmetics. Due to confusion or broad interpretation of the manufacturers, you can pay more for nonexistent properties and not get the desired effect. Instead, it is a therapeutic effect expects to a consumer who buys such funds.

When buying cosmetics labeled «therapeutic» it is good to understand the difference: it can be used in beauty salons, can (and even the obligation, to be ecologically clean and contain natural components, but this does not mean that any salon or natural cosmetics has healing properties.

Medical cosmetics (sometimes called «космецевтикой») represents something average between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As traditional cosmetics, космецевтику applied to the skin, but it contains ingredients that affect the biological function of the skin. Medical cosmetics improves skin condition, but not outside, but inside, providing the nutrients necessary for health.

According to the producers, medical cosmetics improves skin tone, texture, gives a healthy glow, reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Medical cosmetics is the fastest growing segment of the market of natural means of personal hygiene. Consumers are always interested in how to keep a youth and, given the increase in the average age index of population of the planet, this market segment is growing.

So cures or not?

Although the traditional and medical cosmetics are tested for safety, verification of conformity of the ingredients in their structure, properties, declared leading producer, is not compulsory. In General, medicinal cosmetics, the use of vitamins, herbs, various essential oils and plant extracts, but the manufacturer may not indicate that these substances penetrate the surface layer of the skin and have medicinal properties. On the labels of cosmetic active substances and all the other ingredients are listed together, without distinction.

The most important vegetable ingredient, which are used in dermatology, and, therefore, medicinal cosmetics, include: tea, soy, pomegranate, persimmon, grape seed, Pycnogenol, horse chestnut extract, chamomile, curcumin, comfrey, allantoin and aloe. However, only the green and black tea, soy, pomegranates and dates successfully passed clinical tests for the application for the treatment of external signs of aging. Only a few means of medical cosmetics based on plant are efficient in the stated spheres of application (and this is confirmed by scientific evidence).

The main thing – composition

Study of the most popular anti-aging treatment creams showed that in their composition includes the following ingredients: rosemary officinalis, Vitis Vinifera (grape seed extract), citronellol, limonene, evening примулу, солодку (extract solodkovogo root), cardamom seed extract angustifolia, diosgenin (wild Yam), N6 фурфуриладенин (kinetin) and эрготионин. Requires additional randomized controlled trials, but using some of the ingredients of vegetable medicinal cosmetics can have a scientific explanation.

There is a possibility of chemoprophylaxis (pharmacological interventions to delay or reverse the process of carcinogenesis) method of an oral or topical application of dietary or pharmacological drugs to suppress or reverse the development of cancer. For this purpose may be used ingredients such medical cosmetics, green tea, grape seed extract, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Some химиопрофилактические ingredients such as peppermint oil, widely used in medicinal cosmetics, personal care products, food products and pharmaceutical products thanks to their taste and aromatic properties, but can cause allergic contact dermatitis.

The big difference

In Russia, medical cosmetics is usually attributed to the космецевтике, direction, which is stopped between traditional cosmetology and pharmacology. The first is designed to receive mainly cosmetic or external effect from the use of one or the other, the second is based on the healing properties of the components. Of course, today cosmetology and pharmacology cannot exist separately, and one of them demonstration unions is cosmeceutics and medical cosmetics as its part.

From the usual therapeutic cosmetics differs primarily in effect, which is designed tool, and for the sake of which it is produced. In a strict separation of the properties and targets is one of the advantages of medical cosmetics before usual. For cosmetic purposes, you can use a moisturizing face cream for all skin types, shampoo for all hair types, but a healing cream or shampoo may not be universal – they always struggle with this specific problem. This директивность reflects both the effect and cost of funds, which is the result of laborious process of scientific and laboratory researches and further costly production.

Those who already had to use medical cosmetics after a long application of the ordinary, you may note that the set of ingredients and that, and the other is similar, however, the price of products is very different. This is not surprising. In the medicinal cosmetics is not used anything supernatural, it contains the same substances, plant extracts, vitamin-минаральные complexes that can be found in the most ordinary. But its price is formed not only by the value of its components.

Science in the service of beauty

The therapeutic cosmetic very accurately balanced and is formed in such a way that the components of complement and reinforce each other, providing an even more powerful impact. Each of dermatologic problem there are a number of specific features, which are recorded in manufacture of means of cosmeceuticals, and «fall» in the manufacture of cosmetics usual due to the low cost of production.

For example, it is considered that the acne skin with acne that is characteristic of adolescence, needs подсушивании. Young men and girls are buying alcohol-based lotions and matting cream, and end up making an even greater irritation of the skin from drying out. Means of treatment of the series act on several levels: some components eliminate pockets of infection, other soothe irritation, third moisturize the skin, level complexion. To achieve this balance, manufacturers spend a lot of efforts to the laboratory for the study of the interaction between the components, and then the embodiment of the.

During the production of medical cosmetics are created sustainable forms of active ingredients that will not conflict with each other, breaking down or reducing the effectiveness of the drug. All components, especially the natural plant extracts are undergoing the process of multistage purification and processing, to result in a healing cream received not just a small amount of a radioactive substance, but its high concentration, clean and hypoallergenic.

Buy medical cosmetics need in pharmacies and specialized points of sales. In order not to overpay for a tool that can not be appropriate, it is best to consult your dermatologist before the purchase and use probes to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency.

Moisturizing products, medical cosmetics

Permeability barrier through the skin is in the stratum corneum, surround scaly бислои enriched cholesterol and free fatty acids and ceramides. Cosmetic products with the same skin lipid composition, were designed to ease a number of physiological processes in melanocytes and repair the damaged skin.

Prolonged use of water can result in the release of cytokines. These proinflammatory molecules causes swelling, vasodilatation and expressed inflammation, therefore, the water in certain circumstances, of itself, can modify the structure and function of the skin. On this basis, moisturizers, soften the Horny layer and improve its elasticity due to the strengthening of hydration, can be attributed to the medicinal cosmetics.

Clinical trials have shown that multi-layer porous emulsion with ceramides, which is a combination of liquid cleanser and moisturizer with adding 0.05% флуоцинонида, helps to reduce the period of acute course eczema, and to accelerate the recovery and make less visible symptoms of the disease, compared with soap and cream 0.05% флуоцинонидом (for the treatment of eczema, mild to moderate severity).

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