roc лечебная косметика Among other cosmetic companies which started its work in France, you can call, and the rather well-known brand, as the RoC. Medical cosmetics RoC is less popular than the widely advertised «Vichy» and «Aven». Brand name cosmetics is the abbreviation of the name and last name of the first owner of the laboratory, which developed the cosmetics, – Roger Каваеса (Rogé Cavailles). Now the company belongs to the international concern Johnson & Johnson.

Development of the first cosmetic products of this line worked pharmacist Jean-Charles Лиссараг (Jean-Charles Lissarrague) in 1957. The peculiarity of this cosmetics was the lack of perfume fragrances, a large number of whom suffered from all the cosmetics. Later, in 1995, the laboratory staff RoC achieved revolutionary in the cosmetology – created active and stable form of vitamin A, now this form is contained in all cosmetic substances, the composition of which includes vitamins of the group. Now the company has fourteen patents on this matter.

Of course, in the Soviet Union RoC cosmetics and if caught, then in minuscule quantities, and after the collapse of the Union of relatively high prices, generally characteristic for high quality cosmetics, prevented its wide dissemination. However, since 2005 cosmetics firm RoC appeared on the market of Russia, and then and in other former Soviet republics. As curative cosmetics, products laboratory RoC is sold only in pharmacies.

A little about the company and its products

Major production facilities of the company RoC are located in France, in the town of Val de Reuil (Normandy) and includes three plant and two research centres.

Cosmetics firm RoC is intended primarily for aging skin. To some extent they can replace not only standard anti-aging treatments beauty salons but plastic surgery.

Patents the active form vitamin A (retinol) is a basis for prosperity of the company and the basis for the development of new cosmetic products, especially rejuvenating. Anti-aging effect of containing retinol, based on its impact on the mechanism of production of collagen in the skin. Retinol is also responsible for the elasticity of the skin, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands.

The use of means containing the active form of vitamin A, for example, a series Retin-Ox from the company RоС, increases the production of collagen in aging skin, which leads to «fill wrinkles from the inside. The same contains retinol and in the series Retin-ox Illuminateur, tone creams with anti-ageing effects. For young skin, the company offers a series of Skin Rest with botanicals, the basis of action of these drugs is moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Tools also exist to tighten the skin of the body fight cellulite, cleansing and toning. One of the most popular series RоС are funds on the deep lifts, the efficiency of which is comparable to the effectiveness of tightening the skin, performed by the methods of plastic surgery.

The unique result for the unique man

A unique effect of medical cosmetics RоС skin is proved by researches of specialists and many dermatologists. However, in order to cosmetics produced precisely the effect which it is intended, to choose the right cosmetic products should a specialist in each case. This beauty is not suitable for all the same – each buyer needs to get exactly what he needs. This feature of medical cosmetics and explains its absence in stores, cosmetic goods. Only qualified pharmacists and consultants medicinal cosmetics may give advice on the choice of those or other means.

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