мертвое море лечебная косметикаIn the Arsenal of tools used to build medical cosmetics, is today a huge number of various constituent elements of both natural and artificial origin. This list includes various chemicals (organic and inorganic), plant and animal components, thermal and mineral water, mud, clay, minerals and much more. Among the most popular cosmetic series, Facials, body treatments and hair is medical cosmetics The dead sea.

Its unique properties, both therapeutic and cosmetic were described before Christ many of the scientists and doctors. Very closely related to their health and appearance of the Romans built baths and spas on the shores of the Dead sea. Its salts and mud are used for treatment and beauty treatments ancient Jews, Egyptians, Persians and others. For example, Cleopatra arranged in due time a factory for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products on the shores of the Dead sea. With the same times in the medicinal cosmetics Dead sea is specially смолотая salt massage, deep cleaning and heating of the skin.

The unique composition of the water of the Dead sea

The composition of the water of the Dead sea are sulphates, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine. In addition, unlike other seas, the Dead sea contains much less sodium chloride (table salt), but the content of salts of bromine and magnesium reaches fifty percent. There are a lot of potassium, it is their deposition gives the shores of the Dead sea, a unique kind.

The reason for such a high salt content of minerals (because of increased salinity of water called the Dead sea – there is practically no life) is the geological structure of the sea – it empties into the river Jordan and mineral sources, and the mountains surrounding the valley, don’t give winds carry the water evaporation from the sea. Therefore, the evaporated water can’t nowhere to go, hence the huge amount of salt deposits and a layer of silt at the bottom of the sea, reaching places to hundred meters.

Amazing sea – amazing cosmetics

The unique properties of minerals and mud of the Dead sea are widely used in cosmetics to improve blood circulation in the skin, relieve inflammation, deep heating of tissues (which is especially useful in the treatment of cellulite, skin diseases, dryness, irritation and hypersensitivity of the skin, for the prevention and treatment of hair loss, to eliminate dandruff.

In addition, medical cosmetics Dead sea considerably improves the General condition of skin, hair, nails due to increase of mineralization of the body, supply necessary for normal functioning of substances. Very often Dead sea cosmetics is based on not only and not so much salt as its therapeutic mud. It refers mainly to the nutritional and medical masks for skin and hair, Dead sea salt in pure form are used for medicinal and cosmetic baths and trays (hands and feet), as well as for anti-cellulite massage. For the treatment of cellulite within the limits of SPA-program based on the healing cosmetics from the Dead sea practiced salt packs and rubbing.

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