лечебная косметика волосыHair is one of the first objects of concern modern women (and men). In fact, hair, along with leather, create entire appearance. How strong, beautiful, shiny, thick hair dwell on the head, depends not only appearance, but also and mainly mood. In addition, the hair can see right away whether a person is healthy – if the hair dull ends посечены, scalp «adorned» dandruff – about good health can be no talk. In order to achieve the effect of a healthy, is used medical cosmetics for hair.

From pharmacies or from a store?

Find medical cosmetics for hair is no difficulty – this money is at any pharmacy. Much harder to convince yourself of the need to acquire them, when almost every brand of hair cosmetics of mass application is tempting indication like «dandruff», «against hair loss, greasy hair and scalp».

Shampoos, balms and masks, which are sold in stores or departments household chemistry the main task of cleansing the hair from dirt and sebum and mitigation plus easy combing. Useful components that declared by the manufacturer, are present in such low concentrations that they can have only the effect of advertising and not Wellness.

Means for hair care

All the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products pay much attention to the means of hair care products. Shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, masks, capsules with nutrients, oils, sprays, styling products, even paint – ideally all this produces a therapeutic effect, that is, improves the hair structure and gives them a more vibrant and healthy look.

The composition of a good, quality products, designed for hair care, must contain the natural components: extracts of herbs, oils and fats, fruit acids, natural dyes and fragrances. Depending on the type of hair, certain components are selected.

Folk remedies and their adaptation in modern cosmetology

History offers and other means of disposal and hair restoration, to remove dandruff – burdock, olive, palm, coconut, almond, essential oil, sour milk, kumiss, kvass, henna, chamomile, nettle, Chereda, calendula, algae, onion, eggs, honey, lemon, alcoholic tinctures, clay and so on. To cure some problems with hair was used even dung and urine – and I must say, very effectively. However, such radical and «aromatic» methods are mostly gone.

Most of these drugs in one form or another is used in high-quality cosmetics. Added and many other substances, which have not previously been used in connection with the complexity of their processing or production, small distribution or simply not investigated properties.

In modern medicinal cosmetics for hair uses a variety of organic compounds, for example, placentae, ceramide, liposomes, vitamins and much more.

The availability of such components in cosmetics refers cosmetics for hair to the category of medical, that is such, which not only cleanses or nourishes hair and restores its natural structure.

The use of therapeutic cosmetics gives the effect of improving the structure of the hair, the strengthening of the hair bulb, the formation of a protective film on the entire length of the hair, increasing the density prileganija surface flakes, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. Thus, the hair becomes more smooth, convex, shiny, dandruff disappears and oiliness.

Mark and a series of treatments for hair

One of the most popular and least expensive medical brands of hair on the Russian market – Alerana. The range is for sets that combine beauty tools and vitamins for hair separately for men and women. Brand Alerana produces shampoos, balms and masks for everyday use and the prevention and resolution of existing deviations, for example, alopecia.

Hair products Nano Pharm have the formula, enriched with vitamin-mineral complex necessary for the health and beauty of your hair. Iron, zinc, copper, silver and other ingredients to protect the hair shaft and follicle, strengthening immunity hair, regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands and blood circulation in the scalp.

In assortment of medical cosmetics Simone G ampoule is lotions that effectively fight the various problems of the scalp. Among them – dandruff, dry and peeling of the skin, seborrhea, dermatitis, disturbance of blood circulation and, consequently, loss of hair. In addition lotions in the ampoule is sprays for local use, calculated on the short course of treatment.

The funds Nanogen need to pay attention to those who face the problem of hair loss. This healing brand high class of the UK medicines such as, for example, serum VEGF, with efficacy against progressive alopecia.

Italian brand Biomed Hairtherapy has a range of tools for everyday use with prevention and General health-improving effect, and for the targeted treatment of hair and scalp.

Lotion Revivexil Italian production solves several problems of the hair. Extending the growth phase of the hair and influencing the metabolism, his formula slows down the process of aging hair, strengthening follicles and reducing the loss that may be caused as hormonal and genetic factors.

American brand Nioxin has in its range of remedies, which were grouped into eight systems. Through this separation is ensured by an individual approach to solving hair problems of various types.

If you decide to restore the state of your hair, stop hair loss, eliminate dandruff and peeling, you will need to temporarily or permanently use the whole line of medical cosmetics for hair, otherwise the result will have to wait a long time. In medical series formulas are balanced in such a way as to ensure as cleansing, soothing, and moisturizing effect, and a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Prepare to what dermatological products for hair, unlike other series (for the face or legs) differ in price from ordinary many times. But the result is worth it, and on the course of treatment is not worth saving. In addition, no need to place all of our hopes only on makeup, no matter how expensive high-quality they may be. Work remedies outside should be supplemented by a change of diet and lifestyle.

The main producers of medical cosmetics for hair

The number of companies producing medical cosmetics, including medical cosmetics for hair, is constantly growing due to the increase of demand for such products. Each manufacturer has its pros and cons, its orientation, the preferred components. For application it is possible to recommend to the cosmetics of the following firms: Vichy, Bioderma, Ducray, Phyto’avene, Lebel Cosmetics, Seaderm, Siberica, Organic Keragen and many others. Especial popularity Indian medical cosmetics for hair, created on the basis of the principles of Ayurveda and Chinese and Japanese cosmetics.

When selecting treatments for hair (like any other cosmetics) the most important correctly to choose a cosmetic or series of cosmetics that are suitable for this type of hair and skin, because even the best, highest-quality medical cosmetics will fail to give the desired effect when used incorrectly.

Hair, as the skin is the mirror of the health of the whole organism, and any faults in his work consistently reflected in the condition of the hair. At the first signs of deterioration of the health of hair, strengthening of their loss, dullness, dryness of the scalp and dandruff, you need to pay attention to many factors, including your diet, the state of the nervous and hormonal systems. When they begin their recovery, the hair should bounce back, but you can help them, applying for everyday care, medical cosmetics.

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