средства по уходу за рукамиEvery day we hear that our skin needs protection. However, often we are not conscious of the fact that actually our hands require more intensive care than for your skin. So it is quite clear that to maintain youth and beauty of skin of hands, neglect the different treatments, which can help a variety of means on care of hands. We on the website Beauty-Hands.ru talk about all of these tools are more, having considered the most popular traditional recipes and products cosmetic companies.

Production of cosmetic companies

Explain the rapid pace of aging of the skin on the hands is not difficult. We all agree that we are not doing the face cleanser to a dish or do not give the skin of the face contact with the powder, and with such quantity of water facing exclusively hands. So they have to withstand this load, and adverse effects of household chemicals, and in addition to the already known natural factors (wind, sun, cold etc). In such a situation, cosmetics for the care of the hands should be a constant companion for every woman.

Today the range of products of this type is represented by all sorts of creams and lotions, medical and hygienic products for the skin, as well as a number of means, exclusively for the care of the nails and cuticle. In their complex includes vitamins, microelements and аминоксилоты.

In such variety’s easy to get confused in choosing the most suitable options. We on the website Beauty-Hands.ru try to help you, briefly telling about the most popular means for the care of hands.

средства по уходу за рукамиLet’s start with medical cosmetics Bioderma. This company produces a medical cosmetics for prophylaxis and complex therapy of skin problems. To buy products and to resolve the problems of dryness of the skin of hands can be in a pharmacy.

Popular products and Essie. Often the name of this brand is associated with varnishes for the nails, but they release a series of tools for hand care. Here you can find tools for cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and rejuvenation of the skin on the hands.

We should not lose sight of attention and care products for the hands of the laboratory of Vichy, renowned throughout the world. And a soothing and calming effect on the skin cream Vichy able to evaluate many women, showing that the condition of its regular use, the skin is really becoming more soft, supple and soft.

And can you be interested in our products from the company Clinique? Because here you can find and cream, with regenerating effect, and means for intensive moisturizing hand, and even a cream that reduces the signs of aging. Moreover, like all other professional care products for the hands, their composition includes only natural ingredients without various perfume fragrances.

Don’t forget about the care of the nails. We recommend to use hypoallergenic lipsticks which would obviate the possibility of negative impact on the nail.

Traditional recipes for beauty of our hands

The only drawback of the above cosmetic products is their high enough price. So allow professional care for the skin of hands can afford not every woman. But this is no reason to despair. After all, there are many proven popular recipes that will help you achieve the same result, but at minimum cost.

Home remedies for the care of hands include masks, and baths on the basis of herbs, essential oils, milk, and various other products, which can be found in the kitchen and in the medicine Cabinet any woman.

средства по уходу за рукамиWant to soften the skin of hands? Well, then, you need only 15 minutes of free time, a teaspoon of starch and a glass of cold water for cooking the dish. Add a few drops of olive oil, and enjoy a nutritious dish.

Milk with honey, extracts of chamomile and calendula flowers, fragrant essential oils – all these remarkable tools for the baths, to do that at least once a week.

But the oatmeal and eggs is a perfect base for three minutes in a mask. Well, as a scrub hand it is possible to use olive oil with addition of sugar or honey and cinnamon.

Additional tips

None of the funds for the care of hands, folk or beauty will not give a proper result, if you do not follow a number of rules:

  • Do not treat the skin of the hands that are too hot or too cold water.
  • Always wear gloves when they go out in the freezing weather.
  • Try while washing dishes always use special gloves.
  • Always wipe dry their hands after contact with water.

And, of course, the main advice is to always find some time for yourself. The minimum set of procedures – and your skin will you immensely grateful pleasing your youth, health and tenderness.

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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