Every woman and girl knows how important manicure in fact create a perfect image. But what if the nails fragile, exfoliate and they are absolutely not kept varnish? Such problems can be overcome their own.

But before you start looking for recipes for strengthening nails or to start action it is necessary to understand the causes of the phenomenon. Most often, problems arise in the period of lack of vitamins and the reduced immunity. In such cases, brittle nails accompanied by active hair loss or decrease in their quality, and peeling skin.

If the picture is like this, it makes sense to take a multivitamin, ensure that the diet was full, and drink more water. It is sufficient fluid consumption, provides elasticity, and the means and strength of the nail plate.

The second common cause of problems with a manicure is, surprisingly, too active care. Use ацетоносодержащей Polish remover, frequent change of coverage and make zapilivanie too active or polishing plate.

To nails were strong, regardless of the season, stands a little to temper the enthusiasm and learn the basics of manicure case. So, rasp отросший edge possible only in a dry condition, the movements should not be chaotic, i.e. wield a nail file is needed only in one direction.

Polishing the surface of the plate not more than one time in a few weeks, should use a special device – бафы or soft suede cloth. Under varnishes sequins-глиттером is better to put a special basis and not too active to wield a disk with nail Polish remover. The point is that even microscopic solids are scratching a nail-истончая it.

Varnish remover better use of soft products containing vitamin supplements and various oils. During the weekly treatments need to take care not to injure the cuticle, because of the damaged spot on the plate can be formed groove, from which it is impossible to remove completely updated. Best preference to European необрезному manicure, use of special means – ремуверов, will make the process of transition fast and unobtrusive.

Also we should not abandon the use of paints, colored or transparent, if the cosmetics of high quality, not only does it harm the plate, but also to support it, especially for owners of soft easily сгибающихся nails. Quality lacquer can be recognized by marking big3freeи big5free. And, of course, is to strengthen nails at home, that they are of good turned into magnificent.

Almost every woman can share their own recipes, which allows to put in order the most fragile nails. «Top secret» compositions been passed by word of mouth, and this proves that they work. So, the top-5 of the most effective ways to strengthen your nails without visiting spas and significant material costs.

Old friend – sea salt. Due to the high content of mineral substances and iodine she actively strengthens the plate and makes it smooth and shiny. Confirm this may each of the fair sex, which once went on vacation to the sea. Repeat the miraculous effect of sea water without expensive trips. To do this, you need to do regular baths for nail with salt, but it must be without dyes and flavorings, fit as food.

The solution should be concentrated in a glass of warm water you need to add 2-4 tablespoons of salt. Immerse nails into nutritive fluid for 15 minutes, then to wipe his hands, not ополаскивая them and apply a nourishing cream. Such strengthening nails at home can achieve results in a short time in the condition of regularity of the procedures.

Olive oil or any basic cosmetic oils. Through its composition, these tools can literally brought back to life not only fragile nail plate, but dry running cuticle. Of oils can do baths, the best images in the nail penetrate warm oils and RUB daily at bedtime. Use vegetable oils can be in conjunction with any other tonic.

Iodine solution. Strengthening nails with iodine is one of the most common and effective ways. This tool will not only help make manicure ideal, but will have a disinfectant effect, and will also help restore the balance of this useful element in the organism. Iodine can be added to baths with sea salt or grease them plate, trying not to hurt the cuticle. And let not afraid of the prospect of «go to the people» with brown nails, until the morning will only light hint of color.

Lemon. This bright fruit will help to strengthen and whiten platinum, which was painted after using bright varnish. Lemon juice, a few tablespoons, you can add sea salt baths. Effectively strengthening nails with lemon, as an independent means. For this fruit should be cut in half and to immerse in a nail, of course, after checking to the fingers was not Ranok, leave on for 20 minutes. Then wash your hands and RUB cuticle oil or cream.

Natural beeswax. You can use this tool to conduct the procedure of sealing. The wax should be heated on a water bath and massage movements to RUB the surface of the plate. This will strengthen the nail, prevents delamination and will make the surface smooth and shiny, as if after a visit to the prestigious salon.

With the knowledge that you can quickly turn fragile and layer nails into the ideal. And the success – regularity and, of course, using only quality and natural cosmetic products.


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