Glossy nails looks glamorous. He immediately attracts a manicure. Sometimes even outweighs the rest of the makeup, and he involuntarily only look at the hands.

Matt nails are not such striking in this respect. On the other hand, the hand with such a manicure looks much better groomed and noble. The nails become apparent form with clear contours. The matte varnish lots of advantages: it is easy and fast to apply, as has elastic, киселеобразную, thick consistency. Covers the surface evenly and with the first layer dries instantly in a current of 2-3 minutes, does not need to be a fixer, it is durable and sturdy. There are some downsides. Manicure must be perfect and nail surface is smooth, without flaws. Otherwise this finish will allocate all the roughness and bumps in the nail plate and negligent care of by the nails. Matt lacquer looks great both for the short and long nails.

In the shops of cosmetics sold novelty is transparent matte varnish. If nails cover first by any glossy varnish, and then apply above the transparent matte, it becomes an incredibly beautiful design. Rich satin flicker noble accentuate groomed hands.

Matt varnish called velvet or замшевым. It really visually gives a feeling of warmth and softness. Manicure with matte nails suits for office work, for meetings with business partners, women of the older generation. It doesn’t seem vulgar in any color Gamay. Blue, green and even black color brushed the design looks stylish and calm. Annoying or concentrates.

Great idea – this velvet varnish and lacquer кракл. Cracks formed after the application кракла, on the Matt surface look particularly expressive and even then, naturally, it resembles the skin of little lizards. Here it is important to mix lacquers was cold. Only then that manicure, be sure to fix the finishing varnish, as кракл can start quickly exfoliate and do manicure grubby.

Large possibilities for the realization of design imagination provide matte lipsticks in the design of a French manicure or manicure in Chinese painting. Velvet picture will look more three-dimensional and structural. And if you use a combination of matte and glossy varnish, here this wizard opens unlimited opportunities. On a Matt coating gloss, or, on the contrary, the glossy background matte picture will look unsurpassed masterpiece. With such a manicure is not ashamed to appear at the highest admission or at a posh Banquet.

Pedicure Matt varnish too was a godsend. It is more robust and longer stays on nails. If, first apply the base, and then matte varnish, this creates not only beauty, but also performs a protective function. Film of lacquer seals the nail, and prevents the ingress of infection or bacteria visiting pool, saunas, baths, where as you know, pick up a nail fungus is not uncommon.

For the one who decided to urgently try to do a manicure with matte nails, but in the domestic cosmetics available only glossy varnish, there’s an easy way out. We must put on fire a container with water. While the water boils, painted nails glossy varnish. The water at this time already started and we must hold hands over steam. Just do it carefully so as not to ошпариться. During this action the varnish dries quickly and will get brushed glow.

In cosmetic stores offer a huge selection of matte varnishes different colors and shades. Moreover, today’s industry is constantly improving cosmetics. For example, some companies produce varnish with which you can not only as a decorative decorate your nails, but also to strengthen, improve the nail plate. And the company ORLY produces a varnish, which consists of microscopic silk fibers, they create a reinforcing effect. Manicure with this varnish hides the defects and imperfections on the nail plate and makes them ideal.

What color this season in demand nail varnish – dark grey. Previously, he seemed dull and uninteresting, now soft Matt glow resembles the color of the precious metal. Ladies appreciated the smoky cover without the glitz and recognized that this style looks exquisite. Gold monogram or railing along the edge of the nail on grey Matt background will make manicure festive and solemn.

If earlier black lacquer used primarily pronounced informals, now Matt lacquer without a strong glare, does not irritate even the woman of advanced age. Muffled matte black claim with elegance and style. Black background looks great for a French manicure and nail in Chinese painting. Fine combination of black and white is always classic and always in fashion.

Nail Polish transparent matte can become a basis for their own experiments. If it add varnish any other color or mix several colors, you get your own unique tone. Thus, you can pick a manicure to any wardrobe, mood and all occasions. Optional mix immediately the entire vial is enough to breed such number of varnish, which will be required for one time only. In the next experiment, you can create a completely different design manicure.

Glossy varnish for the nails, of course, does not lose its relevance. But we have to agree that the more varied the proposed cosmetics, the more opportunities to Express their individuality.

Matt lacquer appeared in the late twentieth century and not immediately attracted the eyes of designers. For some time he even totally disappeared from the shelves. Now this favorite occupies its niche in the fashion industry.


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