You are a woman interesting and attractive. You wish for yourself and your children a better life. You want to create own family but, evaluating the chances to find a good man, understand that marrying a foreigner in Russia much easier and faster than for Russians? This point of view will support many of the women had the opportunity to compare the foreign gentlemen with Russian explorers of the hearts. The only way to learn a foreign language at least at the secondary level, to significantly expand its opportunities at the choice of the partner in life.

Жених из-за границыSo you seriously think you need to look for her spouse abroad. Then you should, first of all, define the search criteria.

First select the country should be your groom (you’re not going to find it on all five континетах?) Of course, most of our women are guided by Western countries with developed culture and economy. However, the high level of life in a particular country is not everything. It is important that the mentality of its inhabitants came to your character, and you feel comfortable surrounded by such people.

For example, if you are a man of explosive temper and think violent quarrel with tearful reconciliations an indispensable sign of the expression of these feelings, consider southern men. That-that, and adrenaline in the relationship, they will provide you. If you, on the contrary, believe that the house should prevail peace and quiet, you’d better marry a foreigner from the Northern region. Next – already consider more closely the personality traits of representatives of the chosen nation. Say, the British are very demanding to myself and to others, чопорны and quite arrogant, very honor the traditions. French – large romance and aesthetes. Germans are rational, reliable and домовиты.

Европейские мужчиныWhat can be said about the residents of the Western Europe – they are much more law-abiding than our compatriots, and do not consider the subordination of the General rules and regulations of the infringement of his personality. This neat flower beds, and clean streets, and whole Windows even in industrial regions. If you marry a foreigner, you have to accustom itself to the same neatness and care in all aspects of life. For example, to sort the trash before you take it to the container: every resident of a major European metropolis will do it automatically. In General environmental issues in developed countries paid great attention to. Also Europeans respect someone else’s personal space, enter the neighboring plot Parking – for them it is simply indecent. Not to mention pushing on crowded public transport: there is a long considered a relic of the past century, are the norm half-empty trolley-buses and subway cars at any time of the day.

Мужчины на западеIf we talk about family relations, men in the West are very democratic and woman is seen not so much the weaker sex, how many partner. So, by marrying a foreigner-European, you’ll enjoy the same rights, and that your husband will be able to defend his point of view and participate in the adoption of all major decisions. A clear division of domestic duties and responsibilities in most European countries there. There is not accepted to consider that children, cleaning, cooking is a caring wife, a man should only bring salaries every six months to repair the current crane, and his role in the organization of family life ends. Most likely, your foreign husband is ready to share with you all the housework regardless of how it is uploaded to the service. It is important to first not that you met him a freshly prepared meal in the evening at home, and that you have been a full predecessor in all cases, Advisor and friend. He will encourage you to develop as a personality, certainly welcome your new hobby or a desire to find an interesting job. A foreigner it is important that there are not only good-natured and sexually attractive friend, but an intelligent, educated, held in all respects a woman.

Here they are, international marriages. Many of our compatriots have already appreciated all advantages that could result from such a Union. If you after reading this article will be strengthened in its decision to marry a foreigner, but do not know how to implement your service professional Dating agencies. For example, referring to a consultant of the Centre for Family Creation Frau Liebe, you can receive the detailed information and assess your capabilities create a successful marriage.

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