мраморный маникюрNeat nails and creative design is one of the decorations of the modern woman. And if many people prefer to settle for natural beauty, periodically, as the diversity and changing it in French, we on the website Beauty-Hands.ru decided not to be limited to such rigid frames, picked up for you a new variant of painting your nails – marble manicure. And that is the marble manicure, and how to perform it, and we will continue to speak.

Today the technique of creation of the marble design enjoys quite popular among the masters of nail art and ordinary women.

Everybody knows, looks like marble. Interesting divorce on the stone attract with their unique play of colors. One shade smoothly into another, replaced by a third and so on to infinity. Even it is not always clear exactly how many colors and shades combined in one piece of marble.

And marble manicure – based design of smooth transitions of one shade to another. However, as with any creative idea, speaking on the marble design, not necessarily imply smooth transitions and color mixing. It is possible that this will be a clear divorce and even figures, applied with the use of this technique.

There are several techniques of creation of the marble design. Each of them is different and the way to perform, and the result obtained. Further on the website Beauty-Hands.ru we’ll tell you about each of them in detail.

мраморный маникюр

мраморный маникюр

мраморный маникюр

Marble nail design: master class with cellophane

Subject to the application of this technique, your nails will be as close as possible to a marble fragment. And, most importantly, to achieve this effect is quite easy. So to cope with this task can even novice in the art of creating a first-class manicure.

  1. We prepare the nail plate to the coating. For this increasing nails on standard technology or conduct procedure of hygienic manicure. Watch the nail surface was polished, that will allow to achieve maximum similarity with marble.
  2. Select varnishes, which will do marble manicure. It may be some combination of grey with white, grey and blue, black and white and even pink with blue. Also need a transparent lacquer or just a colorless fixer.
  3. Next, put the nail varnish-basis and expect to complete drying.
  4. After that put on a nail lacquer a different color and immediately промакиваем his целлофановым service or film.
  5. Therefore the «process» every nail, then apply two coats of lacquer-fixer for a more lasting effect and a perfectly flat surface.

Create a marble design of the nails of the same type without cellophane. For this second layer of varnish should be applied not to the entire surface, dotted with brush or any other convenient tool, and then use a toothpick or needle these drops of varnish are combined. In the result we obtained a divorce, resembling marble surface.

мраморный дизайн ногтей

мраморный дизайн ногтей

мраморный маникюр

Marble manicure: master class on water technology

Of particular interest for lovers of beautiful and original designs and is water technique of creation of the marble manicure. However, such a design bears little resemblance to real stone, but still arins into this category.

Do it at home is not difficult. You only need to prepare in advance for all that you may need in the process. In more detail, choose lacquers right shades (three to four colors, as well as lacquer base and hardener), to prepare a container of water, toothpicks and plaster, cut into small strips.

  1. The skin around the prepared nail plate seal the plaster. To marble nail design exclusively for the decoration of the nail plate and not for the whole finger in General.
  2. Himself nail cover one layer of lacquer base. For this, can choose the most suitable option for you. Although it would be nice to stay on white. That it selects most of the masters.
  3. In a container with water (temperature should be room) dripped varnish one color and watch as the water diverges circle. In the center of the circle dripped other Lac, then the third and so on, as you need to in your case.
  4. Followed by toothpick form on the surface of the water stains of varnish, which after a dip your fingernail.
  5. The remnants of varnish cleaned with a toothpick.
  6. Then carefully remove the pin patch, then wipe with skin remnants of varnish fluid to remove it without acetone.
  7. At the final stage of the resulting picture can cover a fixer.

Here, actually, and all the peculiarities of creating the original design. So you can safely proceed to update their manicure for the upcoming party or just a bright new day.

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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