The orange color in the manicure does not enjoy mass popularity, because it looks too bright. And yet, many girls choose the orange with white manicure due to the fact that these colors are very interesting together, creating unique effect on the nails.

Options orange manicure with white

Create a manicure based on a combination of orange and white, many girls think the original drawings associated with these shades. So, one of the most popular designs involves the image of the Polish inhabitants of the animal world. It can be red squirrels, foxes and tigers. Nails for this manicure you should paint a white color, leaving only the prints.

The pattern can be applied either on one nail or on all plates at once. To complement the image of the footprints of the animal is also depicted on the nails. Here the main thing — do not overdo it with colors to manicure looked elegant and not childish crudely.

Manicure with bright orange color can be inspired by and fall weather. Very often girls are withdrawn on the nails picture orange leaves on a white background. A manicure can reflect the mood of the girl, and her vivid imagination.

And yet, creative manicure with white and orange colors are often created using abstract drawings and paintings. For example, a girl can recreate on their nails ornately weave jagged lines of white and orange. A similar pattern is always relevant, and it looks interesting.

If a girl likes more restrained decor options, she can paint one part of the nail in white and one in orange. Striving for maximal originality of the result, the girl can put on the line separating the two colors sequins or rhinestones.

Several options of decor

Orange and yellow can be combined within a gradient manicure. Achieving a gradual transition from one color to another, the girl will get an incredible effect. Usually a gradient manicure using these colors reminiscent of the sky at sunset, so the girls compliment the design drawings in the form of birds or the sun.

If the lady wants to do classic manicure, despite the use of such vivid colors, it must create regular jacket with white trim. Here only the upper part of the nail you should put a picture in the form of orange peas. Such a design always looks stylish and catches the eye. Therefore, this combination is suitable even for those girls who love understated, classic style.

On white background you can draw orange not only animals, but also beautiful flowers. There will be relevant images of roses, tulips, chrysanthemums. All these flowers bloom on the nails, will do the final manicure is very effective.

Now popular and decor under the lace. Usually it is created using white and red color, but original ladies can resort to bright shades. For example, all the nails should be painted orange, and then inflict on him a light Lacy white lacquer drawings. This manicure usually looks very romantic and elegant, despite the abundance of bright tones.

To create an interesting manicure can be used not only glossy, but matte shades. In this case, even the simplest pattern will seem original and unique.

When you create a manicure using white and red girl it is necessary to remember about a sense of proportion. Such a bright color means discreet, sophisticated and relevant. Decorating your nails with various images of animals or abstract paintings, she makes the final result unique and fully reflects its character.

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