For two years, in the field of nail design a stable leader manicure on long nails. But the latest trends in fashion show that long «claws» gradually losing out before manicure on short nails.

Occupying a leading position in the industry nail fashion, for several years, long nails all begin gradually leave in history. Not having practical functionality, they (especially accrued nails) , moreover, considered vulgar and not aesthetic.

Today is topical manicure on short nails, which looks very neat and well-groomed. Besides men, according to the survey, more prefer girls exactly neat short nails. Have short nails is not just a beautiful, convenient and practical. This manicure helps to solve many aesthetic problems and is a great solution for women who, for many reasons, cannot afford to grow or wear long nails.

However, in order to manicure always looked ideally, it should always care for it. The law of the world should know and remember that every woman from an early age. The main thing in manicure – its regularity. Kinds of manicure today quite a lot, but it can be done and the basic classical to nails had a beautiful view.

This procedure is not difficult and every woman can cope with such a task at home and spend a bit of time, but save some money. Stylish manicure on short nails enable their possessor to look at any situation attractive and harmonious. There are a few rules in manicure that require mandatory implementation: nail reshaping square, oval or conforming to shape the nail bed) ; remove the cuticle with the nail-clean nails.

Nail form, as a rule, as required by the client or, respectively, the form of the nail bed (so-called «smile line») . Deleting same cuticle contributes not only aesthetic effects, but also visually lengthen the nail. The last final step is the nail polishing or varnish. By the way, the design for short nails can be as varied as long.

Correctly picked up and made a drawing can visually extend not only nails and fingers. As for the color varnish for short nails, today there are no restrictions. It is permissible to use any colors and shades: from transparent firming to various expressive shades depending on the mood and preferences.

The main thing is that the length of the nail was the same, and the varnish and drawing neat. Like clothing, in manicure should also remember the rule of use not more than three colors, otherwise, it will be too colorful, and even vulgar. In the design of short nails, you should not use very large or very small figures, and various decorative elements. Categorically should abandon acrylic modeling.

Figure should be selected on the form of nails: oval and rectangular nails are perfect floral patterns bright palette of shades of varnish, square same form – graphic designs and more bright, saturated colors varnish. But there is a universal manicure, that looks great on the nails of any length and form is the so called «French manicure». Its execution requires certain skills. However, using special stencils, French manicure can be a quick and convenient solution of nail design. Manicure on short nails today is gaining popularity and is a sign of good taste.

Stylish manicure on short nails looks intelligent, exquisitely and naturally, woman giving more confidence in yourself and making it even more attractive to the opposite sex.


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