маникюр на Новый год 2014As it turned out, the annual changes of the fashion trends are affecting not only the sphere of clothing, shoes and accessories, but even a nail design. Manicure constantly offered new items that can make your nails bright and the image of a stylish and non-trivial. Interesting ideas, which will help create a memorable manicure on New year 2014, offers site Beauty-Hands.ru.

The length and shape

Before decorate their nails, you must give them nice shape. Let us say that long and sharp nails that will make your hands similar to paws predators, is no longer in fashion. Yes, and this new year manicure 2014 rather scare your partner and friends. Although some salons still we strongly recommend our clients to increase nails excessive length, we advise you to abandon this idea.

But that really is fashionable today, so this is natural. The tip of the nail should not more than half a centimeter look out over the edge of the thumb. Well, the most versatile forms of nail plate are oval and almond-shaped. Although popular in the past year, square nails will be relevant in 2014.

Preparing nails, you can proceed directly to the decor. So, what manicure on New year 2014? We offer you a number of interesting variants of different degrees of complexity.

маникюр на Новый год 2014

маникюр на Новый год 2014

Tangerine New year

The majority of Russian citizens of the new year holiday is associated primarily with the scent of citrus. We want to present you the idea is very simple, but extremely bright nail Polish, which by its color will create a festive mood.

Prepare orange lacquer, glitter nail, colorless fixer. Such a simple set will enable you to create a delightful manicure on New year 2014. Cover orange marigolds in several layers of varnish. Without waiting for the full drying of the basics, sprinkle the nail tips sequins. Finishing touch to become lacquer-fixer that some comfort to Shine, but it will keep your manicure for a long time.

New year’s manicure 2014 French

French manicure is a classic, so hardly ever leaves the top of the fashion Olympus. However, the standard white-pink range for the new year’s celebration may seem too boring. How do you make this design is brighter?

  • The inner border edge of the nail can draw a silver or gold acrylic paint with a rich luster. Do not be afraid to Shine in the New year.
  • In a trend also staining hole in the nail plate with contrasting colour.
  • When choosing colors, pay attention to combinations of black with red or white, purple with salad, blue in pink.
  • Add playfulness and festive chic help painted with acrylic paints Christmas balls.

маникюр на Новый год 2014

маникюр на Новый год 2014

Fashion nails in the year of the Horse

If you have artistic skills, then we offer you to make unique manicure, painting in the form of characters. Professionals can portray horse whole or her head. Newcomers under the force of the will of a horseshoe and other attributes of horse breeding.

Most importantly, don’t try to decorate each nail. Firstly, you cannot do it equally flawless figure ten times. Secondly, it simply will cause a ripple in the eyes. Much more interesting looks figure on one finger, and the rest of the nails cover a plain lacquer or make unobtrusive figure in the same topic.

Also notice that the most appropriate colors for your manicure in the year of the Blue Horses will be metal, marine hues, all versions of red and green.

Manicure on New year 2014 with a simple painting

If you are not confident in his talent of the artist, make a very simple drawing with the help of improvised means. Try to depict another symbol of the New-year fir tree. To do this, prepare your green varnishes two different shades, adhesive strips for graphic pictures on the nails, sequins or rhinestones and fixer.

Cover nail varnish light shade of green, and wait until its final drying. Next, using self-adhesive strips треугольничками mark the boundaries of future Christmas trees in the center of the claw. Can be used for these purposes, and the most common tape. Paint the Christmas tree is delicious more rich green color. Remove the strips and proceed to further decoration. Put the glue several crystals, simulating Christmas toys. Also actively use sequins, because a lot of light in the New year doesn’t happen.

маникюр на Новый год 2014

маникюр в год лошади

Snow whirls

Truly winter manicure in the year of the Horse done quite simply. You will need a trendy in the coming year blue lacquer metallic, silver acrylic paint, white acrylic paint and thin brush.

Basis manicure will create exactly blue lacquer, so similar to the winter sky. Next, draw a thin brush on ноготке small snowflakes. To do this, first draw a cross with white paint, and later add a few more rays of the sun. The end of each beam is crowned with another couple of strokes. You can combine white and silver snowflakes for more bright manicure.

Happy holidays and always stay beautiful!

маникюр в год лошади

маникюр в год лошади

маникюр в год лошади

Ekaterina S. for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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