Many fans of Lady Gaga is associated with something new, crazy and extravagant. Girl эпатирует his fans not only unusual outfits, but interesting manicure.

So what’s different manicure Lady Gaga nails from other stars? First, the singer is not afraid to experiment with the form of nails, flowers lacquer, as well as all the attributes of nail art. Manicure pop diva always looks stunning, what is the envy of all those who love the unusual nails. In all corners of the globe fans of the singer trying to catch features of its style, and particularly zealous fans try to reproduce the design of the nails Lady Gaga photos. Therefore I would like to address the main tendencies in manicure diva and give a few tips when it is more appropriate to choose one option or another.

Lady Gaga nails usually have the form of Stiletto, that is this long and narrowed towards the end of the nails. Manicure on such коготках girl chooses brilliant shades of black, gray, red, and combination of colors of black and red. Most probably, the usual variant of a covering nail the singer is painting of long claws brilliant ash varnish.

Another feature of Lady Gaga – French upside down, that is the whole nail is covered with bodily varnish, and at the base of the nail plate painted dark crescents. To perform this nail art is simple, but the look he mad beautiful and unusual. Especially this manicure like фанаткам singer, as they can easily do it yourself and feel closer to the idol.

Among other things Lady Gaga loves to decorate their nails lots of crystals and sparkles. The most famous singer had a manicure in her presentation own fragrance. Gaga was dressed and накрашена very modest, but her nails talked about many things. They were decorated with large stones, gold and simply shocked the audience, attracting a huge number of views. Of course, this is not a manicure on every day, but the singer looked with him very well. But her fans are unlikely to use this option nail art, as it is still more suitable for public personalities. Although, with a great desire and the costume ball, to complete the image, you can use this manicure.

Also Lady Gaga was captured in photographs and short nails. For such a manicure singer chooses many variations. First, and most simple manicure – nails, covered with a plain red lacquer. This coating can be attributed to the classics, but even so extravagant lady Gaga as sometimes resorted to this option.

Another option manicure from the singer is облезший, if the chipped paint. The main condition, that under it was a beautiful and bright second layer. In this version nails look very effectively, youth. Of course, this manicure is hardly suitable for office employee, but for the carrying out of the weekend with friends, this nail is just appropriate.

One of the variants of a French manicure, which sometimes uses Gaga – use gentle varnish (peach or pink) , but instead of white covering in area smile applies shiny gold lacquer. This manicure looks very feminine and fresh. Moreover, use this option can be as casual, important correctly to pick up the tone of the varnish and change the gold plating on something simpler.

Another solution for nail Lady Gaga – metallic Polish. Like anything new. But this manicure is suitable both for a party and for every day.

In principle, if we talk about the manicure Lady Gaga, the above review all the main options currently used singer and that we have on the pictures.

In conclusion I would like to say that almost any manicure Lady Gaga you can play independently. Most importantly the right color combination to nails looked organically and fit the occasion.


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