Speaking about the manicure for Housewives, must decide who is considered to be a housewife. This word is called and the woman, who has three children, and a person living under the auspices of the secured her husband or loved one.

If one of them, have a whole day something to wash, clean or cook, loading their own hands, «the full program», the second half of the day may hold in a beauty salon, and after that remove the stress of shopping. Manicure for such a woman is a part of her lifestyle and should conform to all innovations fashion and requirements of glamour.

And what about the other hands exposed to corrosive detergents, vegetable juices. After all, every housewife knows that the house a lot of manual labor, and, sometimes, simply no time or opportunity to do the work in gloves. A beautiful myth about the machines for washing, washing vacuum cleaners and washing machine invented a business lady and very pretty girl, happy owner of extended nails, claiming that this manicure does not prevent them cope with the housework.

It means that they are not familiar with worries at home. So, what manicure Housewives most optimal? First of all, will have to abandon thoughts about long artificial nails, with complex three-dimensional decorations. . Their own, even if they grow very well, better to have medium length. By the way, very long nails only like women, and that is not all. As representatives of a strong half of humanity speak out strongly against. Why? Everything is very simple.

Long fake nails – unnatural and produce the same effect as the three-dimensional wigs, and it scares men (because they are males in its natural origin) . Nails, looking naturally, have a pleasant sexual effect. But in the other extreme, not to make manicure, too, should not go. The Keeper of a home should have a beautiful well-groomed hands, because they deserve it (and her husband, children and women’s hands, which make so many useful) .

Well chosen and properly (gently) manicure will give the completeness, adds perfection appearance of women. No matter where will the procedure is performed, the beauty salon or at home (most often housewife happens on all the hands of the master and to make a home for beautiful manicures it not a problem) . Although, it is wiser to use the experience and skill of professionals. This will enable the woman to change the environment, to communicate with people and to feel like a Queen.

If we talk about how to choose a design manicure, then the answer is clear: of course, is French. Explanation of what it is suitable for any clothes, any make-up (even if the woman is not накрашена) , probably, there may be redundant. Nice cover the nails of one color. But the drawings, all kinds of abstractions will look ridiculous with home-made clothing, in which the housewife has to be quite often.

It is worth mentioning the reliability of the lacquer coating. Not necessarily enjoy the ultra durable gel-lacquers (for example, Shellac) . If complied with all the technological process (application base, the main varnish and the fixing of a layer) , manicure will be reliable enough. Of course, hands, on which is superimposed a manicure must be in perfect condition.

There are several ways to quickly bring a pen in order after the struggle for the purity of housing and satiety household. One of them is the scrub of coffee grounds (used natural coffee is mixed with olive oil and this mixture for 10 minutes is applied to the hands and then be washed off with water) . The skin on the hands velvety.

All of the above suggests that a housewife should care about their appearance and nails, in particular, as well as home and their loved ones. After all, it is not only the guardian of the hearth, but its decoration.


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