From early childhood, parents form of the child’s sense of the beautiful and healthy habits. Manicure for children is part of the baby hygiene and prevention of different diseases. How to make children’s manicure at home?

A child is born already with nails, sometimes they are so large that a caring mother carefully still in the hospital cuts them to the baby and scratched himself face. Growing up, children are a reflection of the parents and all over take them as an example. Mom from an early age can teach daughter or son to the children’s manicure, because the nails should be clean and neat in all people regardless of gender.

Girls always grow large модницами. Even if she has a habit of biting your nails, it will never spoil cute figure on your fingers. Manicure for children is done not only for the beauty, the most attention is paid to the child not to inflict self-harm, tearing заусеницу or part of the nail, thus, it can cause inflammatory process. Gently shorn ногтики is part of the daily hygiene baby, to which it should be taught from childhood.

Before you start to make a proper manicure should consider that the structure of child nail significantly different from an adult. Baby nails much more sensitive, thinner and more elastic. Leather, as is more delicate, with close proximity capillaries. Therefore, choosing a manicure, we should give priority to children’s special creams with medicinal properties. Cosmetics, must be designed exclusively for children, the benefit in modern times it is not a rarity.

Baby nails easily damaged, especially if a child is constantly spinning and moves her hand. Therefore, if a mother does not confident in their abilities, it is better to turn to a specialist, besides, the atmosphere of beauty salon will lead the child to a complete delight. But the atmosphere of the salon, you can do at home, turning the procedure manicure into a real game.

Now, little client sat on a chair waiting for her to make beautiful children manicure. First, you need to make baths, which soften the skin and strengthen nails. Children love to play in the water, and if it still will be with soap bubbles, it will be an exciting game. It is desirable to get to the children’s manicure special set of tools, they are made of gentle material which does not hurt children’s skin, and not hurt the nails.

All the device should be disinfected with alcohol to avoid an infection. The hand of the master and the handle of the child should be treated with antiseptic, in order to avoid any contamination. Next, you need to carefully cut your nails and little saw through their soft top giving a beautiful and correct way ногтику. Special attention should be paid to краешкам nails, as they have in the irregular shape can grow into the skin of the child, thus causing pain, even загноение.

The cuticle of the children are very sensitive, so you should not remove it, not to injure the finger. Better kusachkami carefully cut off the bumps, that the child has not done it by its own teeth. After processing all of the nail plate, it is necessary for greasing bold nourishing cream to soften the skin and relieve irritation.

Since the girl agrees to all of these procedures only due to the fact that it will be the same bright nails, as a mother, you better not disappoint, it is better to buy a beautiful child varnish and continue manicure.

Before you apply the main varnish, you need to spirtovm solution to remove nail remains the cream and apply them tonic (if it does not harm the child nail plate) . Most importantly, children’s cosmetics (including lacquers) does not have strong odors and completely противоаллергенна, so you can without much fear dyeing of her child. After protective varnish dries, you can deals main color.

If the child has already more than six years and he diligent enough, you can diversify children manicure and make it more original. For example, stick a small point or draw a simple picture. An easy and practical way, will probably become the decal kit for nail it will make the children manicure more interesting and elegant. Everything is in the hands of the master and his imagination.

The main thing is that hand and nail care of the child will bring him a big favor. Baby learn from an early age was glad to take care of yourself and be more hygienic. Nail-biting will disappear by itself, because who wants to spoil such a beauty in ногтиках. Sometimes parents due to its ever-employment cannot find enough time for the child, and children manicure great reason to talk to your child about чем0нибудь useful and amazing.

Do not forget about safety precautions not to accidentally injure a child with sharp scissors or some other device. If you still accidentally master was injured skin of the child, it is necessary to disinfect the wound and seal its adhesive plaster. On the hand, one can understand how a man gently, that is why they should always be clean and well groomed. Putting this truth into their child in the future he will always look good and carefully monitor this part of his body.

Finish manicure for children, recommended a light massage, children always positively react on it. The older girl becomes, the more the skills and habits of adopting the mother. So over time you can teach her to do some of the procedures. When the little girl becomes a charming girl, she sincerely grateful to my mom for everything she taught her, including the care of itself. Manicure for children – this is only a small part of the work on oneself for the sake of beauty and your own health.

To make children’s manicure at home just important to arrange for the proper atmosphere and acquire all the necessary facilities, including children’s cosmetics. Then the child will become more well-kept and clean.


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