маникюр осень 2013 Beautiful and well-groomed nails – the main sign of taste and a tool of self-confidence. However, in order to manicure looked perfectly, special attention should be paid to the relevance of the chosen design, which must necessarily be trendy. We on the website Beauty-Hands.ru will tell you how to look manicure autumn 2013.

Fashionable color in the autumn 2013 manicure

Richness of shades, which offer us designers in the autumn manicure this year, affects women’s imagination with his number. The first thing the fair sex is recommended to pay attention to the delicate pastel shades, emphasizing the naturalness and tenderness of the female image. Especially because this option is suitable for any clothes and will be appropriate for any occasion.

If tenderness nail you are not tempted, autumn manicure can be carried out in a bright red, fiery color. Especially actual this color solution for lovers of red lipstick and female images in the style of «vamp». Because the selection of varnish in the tone of lipstick again is appropriate. And in continuation of this theme, it can be noted that not only red, but other bright shades will charming look blossom on your nails if they will match the color of your lipstick. Moreover, bright solution in manicure will cheer you up in a cloudy and overcast day.

Deserves attention and metallic luster of your nails. Manicure autumn 2013, made using shades of gold, silver and bronze, well and will be combined with clothing and accessories, fashionable this season.

And some may be interested in another fashion idea lace manicure. To create this design is not necessary to use special materials, and do nails «Lacy» you can with conventional paints and brushes, just прорисовав lines and curls. Especially actual this decision due to the fact that this autumn flower design lost its former popularity. And images of flowers of all kinds may well be a sign of bad tone and complete ignorance in fashion decisions.

маникюр осень 2013

маникюр осень 2013

маникюр осень 2013

Manicure autumn 2013: and again in fashion jacket

Classic French manicure, not requiring great effort for its creation, also remains a popular solution to this season. Diversify cute design and decorate nails can rhinestones or a nice pattern. Let’s not forget about the restraint solutions. So get involved decor is not worth it. And as a pattern is better not to use this season acrylic molding or flowers, made in the technique of Chinese painting. All this remained in the past, and autumn manicure must be made with an eye on naturalness. The classics are always remains in fashion.

Gradient manicure in autumn 2013

Fashion solution to create a manicure in the style of «gradient» appeared quite recently, but already it is a design that has many admirers who want to emphasize their originality and originality through unusual design.

Gradient manicure very simple to perform and do it every woman at home. So now Beauty-Hands.ru recommends paying attention to women on this option nail design.

Autumn manicure crosshairs on form

When you select that you are interested in design should not miss, as a form of nail plate, and its length. Square nails, and the form of stiletto this season have lost their former popularity.

Topical solution in manicure this autumn are natural nails natural length. Oval and almond shape is exactly what you need for a modern woman that keeps pace with the time. So even if you can not imagine their life without this capacity, should be considered and nail the maximum similarity to the natural nail.

маникюр осень 2013

маникюр осень 2013

Manicure autumn 2013: new modern solutions

Autumn manicure 2013 was not without novelties and designers offer us two new solutions that will be fashionable this season.

The first thing we are talking about a manicure in the style of caviar (caviar). The meaning of the design lies in the decoration of the nails, across its surface or any site, beads black. As an option, fashionable design can be made using beads of any color.

The second fashion solution is matte varnishes used to create a clean and stylish manicure. The absence of the usual glossy Shine makes common design trendy and modern. Moreover, the choice of matte shades is carried out according to the fashion color solutions to fall manicure 2013.

Here are the directions in manicure this fall fashion trends. A variety of options allows women to choose ideas every day, and stay fashionable and perfect in their way.

маникюр осень 2013

маникюр осень 2013

маникюр осень 2013

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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