Маникюр как искусство: лаки для ногтей "от кутюр"

After a summer of neon we return nails to the soft, subdued and elegant shades of: tea with milk and Burgundy wine. Today we decided to find out if you can turn a manicure in a new type of contemporary art. We present to your attention a sketch of our beauty adventures nail-products of the autumn-winter season.

So, Haute couture show nail Polish opens the legendary brand Yves Saint Laurent c collection La Laque Couture Fall 2013 Look. Creative Director beauty departmentsthe Lloyd Simmons encourages us to dive into the world of haute couture to the tips of the nails. Shades of nail polishes YSL created as a continuation of fashion collections. Long-lasting oil Chilean rose firms, moisturises and protects nails from crumbling. As a bonus stylish elongated bottle with immortal logo of French fashion house.

Three new subtle shades are perfect autumn mood in a huge city. Gris Underground like an overcast sky in Paris, Beige Gallery – on a dark brown litterfall, and Sepia tint 7E Art – fatal Burgundy. In addition, it was created as a glorification of Cinema – seventh art form: in the shadow of almost black in the sun plays a red and blue tints.

лак для ногтей YSL

Second on our импровизированныth beauty podium goes Deborah Lippman – brand legends nail art Deborah Lippman. It creates shades of nail polishes for Lady Gaga, Kim Кадашьян and many other celebrities, in honor of which each named after.

Now, this autumn brand Deborah Lippman introduced three new shades in line Silk Collection. Key idea – matte shining effect imitating the texture of silk from exotic countries. Harem Silks From Bombay is a rich баклажановый tone which we evaluated at fashion Week in new York. Red Silk Boxers – dark red silk nail in the spirit of the Femme Fatale Hitchcock. Shade Pseudo Silk Kimono completes the collection of radiance milky white alabaster. Definitely, it is a new look on white.

Deborah Lippman

Our nail-examination continues. Did you know that even the most beautiful and expensive nail Polish may cause irritation around the eyes and contact dermatitis? Let’s clarify the situation: every day we touch the face several hundred times, and about the amount of dirt on the hands and, of course, nails you without us guess. Just say that authoritative dermatologists include lacquer hazardous allergens that can cause a rash on the century. Sadly, that often we do not even suspect about the relationship between the problems of the skin around the eyes and a manicure.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we got into the hands of autumn novelty from Clinique – A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins. This lacquer, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Beauty novelty lies on nails evenly and smoothly, quickly dries and keeps its glitter. It is offered in several shades, including traditional colors Clinique and seasonal colours. A brilliant cover of the crack and remains neat for a week. Thin flat brush allows you to cover your nails are smooth and evenly saturated hue.

The permanent collection includes 12 shades of all colors with very девчачьими title: Call my Bluff, Sweet Tooth, Fizzy, Hi Sweetie, Really Rio, Happy Love, Red Red Red, Party Red, Black Honey, Indie Rock, Concrete Jungle and Made of Steel.


Next in our beauty-menu – Nail varnish Laque Terrybly from brand By Terry. Ultra-brilliant tool covers the surface of the nail intense and persistent shade. Note that the formula varnish enriched extracts resin from exotic wood beech Okoume, whereby восстанавливаетсI кератиновая structure of the nail plate.

In addition, we were delighted by the depth of the resulting tone. According to the manufacturer, the thing of organic and mineral colour pigments. A flickering Shine achieved through the polymer particles and silicone.

If you missed colour, the American brand Maybelline recently surprised glamorous collection of varnishes Colorama Polka Dots in five fashionable colours. It’s not just the new color palette is the whole concept of contemporary bright makeup! Hard to believe, but the shimmering sparkles create a really stunning 3D effect: manicure shines saturated shades.

Holiday shades of nail Polish in a limited edition Christmas collection MAC Divine Night. Luxury sparkling like champagne, the color of gold, Burgundy and the blackened silver in combination with UV-radiation and soothing agents – all you need for the most incredible night of the year. Of course, we recommend to pamper nails this glamorous miraculously, not only once every 365 days, and much more. Even without a specific “smart” reason. Lucky Night Divine in themselves create a festive mood.

Brand Collistar not inferior to its competitors and offers its own line extravaganza varnishes in glam – Gloss Nail Laquer Gel Effect. Stunning and long-lasting Shine achieved by a special technology, which guarantees a double effect: volume of gel. How it works? First of all, say “thank you” to the consistency of the product is conducive to the most convenient hotel use. Secondly, with perfectly balanced and stable pigments, which increase the color saturation and Shine.

After the first “wave” of brush on the nail there is a film of pure colour: bulk and amazingly elastic shade protected from chips. In addition, a special filter protects manicure from fading and yellowing. The design of the brush will surprise even experienced beauty shopaholics: 350 short hairs and rounded shape ensures excellent «download» varnish. Its easy to apply, even for short nails!

Frequently changing mood? We present three very different character set from the brand INM. First set for a French manicure: classic neat “French” is ideal for business lady. It includes leveling primer Ridge Free and coating of White Porcelain in a shade of white porcelain. Drying fixer Total Eclips glows in the UV – rays, strengthens and preserves the whiteness of the French manicure.

The second set is suitable for a bright and cheeky girls: the basis of a Clear Bond plus a coloured coating Daisy – bright purple nail Polish from “Spanish” collection shades. Holographic drying fixer Out The Door impressed microparticles, creating with varnish homogeneous structure.

There are a set of natural shades «Nude», which consists of a dense Mat foundations under the lacquer Milky Bond to protect and moisturize the nail, and also of gentle beige cover Mirage and upper cover the effect of «wet nail» Look Wet.

Our nail-review of the brand continues to Essie with winter collection of varnishes. Let us ask ourselves: if the new beauty products can be compared with the Department of haute couture, whether there is a “coat” for nails? It turned out that Yes! Do not jump to premature conclusions – revision until that never mad.

It is all about the six new shades Essie with speaking names. “Clipped game” – a deep maroon shade of cinnamon and Apple cider. “The ideal Park – glittering Alpine grey. “Укутайся warmer tone pink Angora. “Roll on full” – sparkling grenades. “Sable collar” – unusual mix of cocoa and plums, and “Knitted mittens” – rich black diamond.

The most unusual in our test list, we decided to save it for last. We present to your attention magnetic nail Polish brand Avon – Magic Magnet”. If you use a miracle-coating standard way, we obtain the effect in the style of “metallic”. Well, if you want to impress others and turn nails the art object, be sure to try the magnetic spade.

Yes, you heard right. What happens next? On the nails “emerge” futuristic designs.

Let us reveal the secret: on each magnetic shoulder blade, the lines of force in the form of drawings. Now, they “attract” lacquered metal particles, which are arranged in a pattern printed on the shoulder.

After the first layer of varnish wait 30 seconds. Then apply a second layer immediately lift the magnetic spatula and hold it at a distance of five millimeters from the nail for 15 seconds. Let air dry and then apply the top coat.

Well, now we are sure you will find the most optimal way to “brighten” autumn evening and turn nails into a work of art.

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