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Дочь Мадонны Лурдес застали за прогулкой с предполагаемым бойфрендом

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes with the alleged boyfriend of the Daughter of a popular singer Madonna, 20-year-old Lourdes, has long been out from under the shadow of his mother. The girl is studying at the University of Michigan, but for the longest time thinking about how to finally switch to creative activity. Anyway, known for provocative outfits heiress of a celebrity (for example, at the birthday party of a friend, the girl wore a translucent top, exposing Breasts) lit up in the company of a young man with whom she has long been the media attributed the novel.

I must say that Lourdes is trying not to advertise personal life, so her preferences are little known. In the past several years, Madonna’s daughter managed to start quickly and so suddenly to end the relationship with multiple Boyfriends. Neither one of them it did not last long. At some point, Lourdes even decided on the sharp changing of image that surprised many of her fans. However, it has not brought happiness celebrity. Now, the paparazzi only guess about the purpose of the walking couple in the day in new York. At Lourdes, we will note, is wearing bright warm purple vest from Adidas.

Лурдес с молодым человеком в Ньй-Йорке


Photo By Splash News

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