Макалей Калкин записал сборник песен о пицце

Macaulay Culkin recorded a collection of songs entirely devoted pizza. Actor tried all like your favorite band, The Velvet Undegrоund – the majority of songs called “explanation” of their creative work: I’m Waiting For A Delivery Man (“Waiting for a pizza delivery man”), All the Pizza Parties (All parties with pizza”) and Take a Bite of the Wild Slice (“whoever ate a sharp piece”).

It is worth noting that бойзбенд based Kalkin is called Pizza Undeground. The group was established last year, but then a short demo video of the musicians are not passed. And behold, a resounding success – record the entire album.

When writing songs musicians used the U.S. national musical instrument kazoo, percussion and clean vocals Макалея.

Perhaps such a creative impulse Kalkin inspired him new girl Jordan lane Price, with which the paparazzi not so long ago took the picture of it in Paris.

Macaulay Calkin
Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Calkin

Macaulay Calkin

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