The girl always seeking variety and perfection. Because naturalness is always in fashion, make a refined lunar manicure and short nails. As it to make? What are the rules manicure for short nails?

Lunar manicure acquired its name from the bright lights, as many think, but from the structure of the human finger. Лунула is a hemispherical base of the nail plate, it is the source of the names of this type of manicure. Lunar manicure combine of two contrasting shades of varnish to brighter stood and did fingers more sophisticated.

This type of manicure on short nails contributes to their visual increase, nails appear longer and refined. Lunar manicure resembles an inverted French manicure, which has long been holding popularity ratings among fashionistas.

Every girl from an early age knows that the nails of any length must always be clean and well groomed. Therefore, a good manicure is a compulsory part of good appearance of any person. It should be noted that short fingernails with a beautiful manicured look much more elegant than the long accrued nails, but the taste and color everyone is different so everyone chooses what he likes more.

Where to start lunar manicure on short nails? First, you can just go to a beauty salon and qualified personnel will do its best, but you can make yourself beautiful independently from home. The most basic rule is the daily care of nails. Without strengthening, purifying and other procedures any manicure will look ridiculous and not gently, so first thing you should do the tub for nail with sea salt and lemon juice.

Next, soak the skin of the fingers and the nails nourishing cream, and after taken for creation of a beautiful image of nail Polish. To start any manicure with the removal of the old Polish on the nails. Tool for removing the varnish should contain less acetone, not to spoil the nail plate.

The next stage is the cuticle treatment. In the moonlight manicure cuticle is especially noticeable, so it should be correct as carefully as possible. Pre-размягчив cuticle special nourishment, it is necessary with an orange stick a little lift and push her.

Best of all, when girls have a personal manicure set, then all you need her hand and nail not take much time, leaving a wonderful result. Skin cuticles sometimes grows much more laid, in this case it can be carefully cut the nail scissors or cable cutter. Nail without cuticle visually, it seems a little bit longer.

To manicure looked exquisitely, the nails should be the same length. Not worth the short fingernails cut under the skin, just a saw through (to avoid lamination nail plate do it one way) . It is desirable to nail file was polishing, then the nails will gain a certain Shine and smoothness.

To strengthen nails and lasting beauty manicure, you should apply a basic tool. Lunar manicure difficult to make a perfectly beautiful without special stencils (you can use stencils for a French manicure or done manually, for example from a roll of adhesive tape) . When you select two colors lunar manicure for short nails should be preferred bright shades, especially in the upper part of the nail. Stencils should fully copy лунулу and not reach half of the whole length of the nail plate.

After the base coat is completely dry, apply a light tone of varnish on the surface of the nail and after drying it gently apply stencils. After that you need to apply the varnish on top of the nail, after removing brush extra layer of liquid and since the end of short strokes lead brush to the top of the nail plate. You need to remember that it is better to apply two-three thin layer of varnish than one bold. The second layer of varnish should be applied only after drying of the first layer, then there will be no lumps and other irregularities.

On short nails especially visible all the flaws in any manicure, especially moon, he is so sophisticated. So if something doesn’t work the first time, will have to redo everything again. Do not rush, better calmly and resolutely make yourself a perfect manicure once. After application of the top layer, it is necessary to fix a special tool to manicure lasted as long as possible. After this you can remove the stencils. Form stencils you can do different: semi-circular, triangular, rectangular, how much is enough imagination.

Lunar manicure was known for more than a century ago, for some time has left in the past. All known that the new is a long-forgotten past, now Christian Dior and help all to remember this type of design. Because models mainly короткостриженые nails, and this manicure gives them a special refinement and beauty, here Dior and has applied manicure at its next fashion show that was noticed and brought the popularity of the diagram.

Very impressive, especially at the evening event to come to the lunar manicure shining silvery or Golden hue at the base. This nail design will be a stylish addition to a flawless sight of well-groomed woman.

Lunar manicure may be appropriate, for a strictly formal dress code at work and meetings in a friendly company. Only for each event you want to pick your shade varnishes. Office suit more warm opaque shades, and for a disco or a meeting with friends more bold bright colors. Do not be afraid to experiment. The woman often has the world not only on their shoulders, but in his arms, as she always has to be flawless manicure.

Well-kept neat nails with exquisite manicure will always be fashionable. To it do not have to spend money on expensive beauty, you can make the lunar manicure for short nails home, only giving it a bit of time.


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