Since ancient times it was believed that hair have a deep sacral meaning. After all, they are agents of energy between man and the cosmos. So our ancestors believed that make rash manipulation hair is highly undesirable.

To the day of selection of grooming came quite thoroughly, but the Foundation when you select a day, undoubtedly, was the lunar calendar. This practice has reached our days, moreover, it is becoming not only popular, but also proves its undeniable importance. Because changes in hairstyle, hair color is not only change of image, but also a powerful factor of influence on the quality of our life and health.    

And to all the changes were pleasant and gave positive emotions, take note lunar calendar for June 2013 of the year.

1.06 not ideal for any manipulations with hair. Refrain from fancy hairstyles, as well as heavy use of styling products;   

2.06 – not very auspicious day for cutting the hair, the consequences of which can affect the health. It is recommended to give preference to classical hairstyles;

3.06 the energy of the day for health-improving and revitalizing procedures, but it is better to do this at home;

4.06 – on the night (after 17:53) can plan a trip to the master. Haircut will make your hair stronger and more dense;
5.06 in summer every lady needs to be changed, and especially it concerns the image. Today is a great day to find for itself a new role;

6.06 – recommended strengthening hair treatments. Stop your choice on the boards of traditional medicine;

7.06 not ideal for cutting, painting and perms;

8.06 – allow the hair to relax. Possible downgrade complex of hair styling, make your choice on natural manner;

9.06 – you can slightly change the shade of hair natural dyes. Beneficial calming and curative effects have herbal mask or balsams;

10.06 is not recommended to wash your hair, use a lot of styling products. Gather up your hair in a ponytail or braiding spit, and use a range of accessories is not necessary;

11.06 – haircut or painting, today, may create a sense of discomfort. In laying stop your choice on the light and air forms that do not require you a lot of time and energy costs;

12.06 – especially fortunate to be perming, curvy styling, the bulk of haircut, dyeing of hair in the bright unusual shades;

13.06 – if you have a desire or acute need can set off the hair. In laying prefer classic and understated forms;

14.06 – in the first half of the day, 13:15, can straighten hair tips, but if this is not strictly necessary, it is better to refrain;

15.06 – one of the most favorable days for grooming. Hair will be manageable and new hair will keep a shape;

16.06 – extremely inauspicious for any manipulation of hair, including for complex styling;

17.06 – experiment with styling, but tender and concise accessory can add to your image;

18.06 – recommended hair, but only in the second half of the day, after 14:07 and provided that soon you will again be ready to go to the master, because the hair will grow rapidly;
19.06 – please refrain from going to the hairdresser;

20.06 – today, any changes to the image, hardly will give you pleasure, moreover, it may seem that the appearance of the deteriorated significantly. Inefficient and any Spa treatments;

21.06 – you can easily shave hair, it can bring into your life positive changes, especially in the professional sphere. But from the colouring of hair should be abandoned;

22.06 and 23.06 – give the hair a little rest and recover, and help in this nourishing balm with natural extracts, moisturizing mask with oils, herbal tinctures as rinsing;
24.06 – favorable period for hair treatment, but for haircuts, sophisticated styling, perming is not the best time. Hair up in a bundle and refrain from the copious amount of styling products;

25.06 – today, the time for extraordinary image, boldly experiment with hairstyles. In the evening allow the hair to relax a bit, well, wash them, apply the mask on a natural basis and massage the scalp to improve blood flow to the hair bulb;

26.06 – recommended health mask with plant and vitamin components;

27.06 – haircut today may give unpredictable results and dandruff, so it is better to abstain even from minor changes;

28.06 – favorable period for hair dyeing with natural dyes;

29.06 – can jointly with the stylist to pick a new image, but to implement it does not stand today, the result can disappoint;

30.06 – not the best day for changes in a way, but nutritious and health-restoring procedures will benefit.

Author: Irina Kirichenko, the astrologer

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