The height of summer – the period when want to look particularly elegant and uniquely absolutely every girl and woman, and that no matter how healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair can make the desired image of a more perfect?

To hike in the beauty salon has not turned into the greatest disappointment in your life, as a new hairstyle did not get tired to make you happy for a long time after mowing or hair coloring, follow the advice of the lunar calendar for July 2013 by the astrologer Irina Kirichenko.

1.07 – poor day for cutting hair, but for procedures to strengthen the hair it is a good time;

2.07 – can slightly change the shade of your hair, that’s just try to do it paints with organic dyes. Laying with graceful curls will give you a unique, easy and romantic image, others will be delighted;

3.07 – aggressive manipulation with hair can negatively affect your General health. Gather today hair in shell or braiding easy pigtail. Try not to use the Hairdryer and combs with metal teeth;

4.07 – a great day for the haircut, but only upon the condition that you love air hairstyles. If you want to stick to strict forms, it is better not to experiment, the result may be surprising;

5.07 – beautiful period for hair coloring new image you certainly will like. Boldly plan on going to the hairdresser, if you’re a fan of short haircuts and light hairs. When self-laying give preference to natural gentle image;

6.07 – energy day is not a recommended active manipulation of hair.

7.07 – allow the hair to relax a bit from aggressive influences. Useful for various strengthen procedures for using vegetable masks and balsams;

8.07 – inadequate period for cutting, can a little shade color, but only if the use of natural colours. In laying prefer interesting плетениям;

9.07 – a great day for new hairstyles, volume of hair styling, use bright accessories, today can make even the most unexpected solutions in your image, but the clippers not the most suitable period;

10.07 – refrain from the use of harmful styling products. Strengthen balms, rinse your hair with decoction of herbs will make them strong and shiny. Can slightly change the color hair but only if you want to make a little darker and brighter;

11.07 is not necessary to invent sophisticated styling, prefer a simple and natural forms. Useful nutritious masks;

12.07 – one of the best days for grooming, your new hairstyle will be well placed, but the form will you still long to please, hair color to choose the colours a bit lighter, your current color or refrain from this procedure;

13.07 – laying stands withstand the rigor and conciseness. For cutting and painting unfavorable period;

14.07 – excellent period for hair coloring, new shade like not only you, but also will delight of others;

15.07 – it is not necessary today to invent and implement complex hairstyles and laying leave her hair, so they will be a true source of energy for you;

16.07 – unfavorable period for any manipulation of hair. Useful restorative and Wellness treatments, using exclusively natural means;

17.07 – refrain from the use of brushes with plastic and metal teeth, today you should be armed with the tools of natural materials. Especially effective today will be the nutritional treatments for hair;

18.07 – today your installation should be accurate and concise. Refrain from coloring and cutting the hair, the result can be unpredictable;

19.07 – first half of the day is the perfect time for a haircut, but only if you possess by nature lush hair, thin hair shave is undesirable, laying new hairstyle is a real test;

20.07 – give your hair a little rest, today no experiments;

21.07 – if you are an adherent of a sober and classical forms, then today is a great day for grooming. From staining is better to refrain;

22.07 – 24.07 – these days contraindicated haircut and coloring. In laying use only natural and soft accessories. Refrain from the use of hair dryer and aggressive styling products;

25.07 – today stands for laying choose some interesting weave, and in combination with ribbons your image will be irresistible. If possible, give up today from shampooing;

26.07 – useful health and firming mask using natural organic products;

27.07 – from haircut today it is better to refuse, but to change the color or shade of your hair quite suitable period, just try not to use harsh chemical paint, prefer natural dyes;

28.07 – excellent period for health-improving and revitalizing procedures;

29.07 – positive day for the new cut and colour. In укладках can use the interesting hairpins, various studs, and all that will help to make you irresistible image, just don’t overdo it;

30.07 – energy of this day promotes correction of your hair, because you can safely straighten tips or slightly change the line bangs;

31.07 – refrain from any manipulation of hair.

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