Constantly try on new images is so typical of every lady. Surprisingly, even a small correction grooming can give incredible inspiration, a lot of dizzy and unfamiliar still sensations, encourage, to make something new and mysterious in behavior and manners, and what can we say when the dramatic changes of the image.

Although, of course, there are and absolutely opposite feelings and emotions, and to avoid or at least minimize, note lunar calendar haircuts on August 2013 by the astrologer Irina Kirichenko.

1.08 – if you want to impress, you can dye your hair, but only if you prefer the shadows, but if you want to lighten the color, today it is better not to do it. Shave the hair is not recommended;

2.08-try to limit the negative impact on the hair. Give preference to carefully collected hairstyles. Coloring, haircut and hair curled not recommended;

3.08 – it is not necessary today to experiment with their way, the result does not meet your expectations, which may provoke even the appearance of depression;

4.08 – if not eager to refresh your hairstyle, you can certainly do it today, but be prepared for the fact that hair is hardly will keep you in shape and absolutely not to yield the desired laying;

5.08-‘t create today too complex, laying, select something accurate and maximum natural.

6.08 – please refrain from aggressive actions on his hair, give them some rest and recover, and help you in this nourishing and regenerating mask on a natural basis;

7.08 – you can safely experiment with different haircuts and styling, use bright accessories, but the clippers not the most auspicious day, therefore it is better to refrain;

8.08 – haircut made in this day, will preserve the form, and the tiles will not cause any difficulties;

9.08-neutral day for hair coloring, styling is better to do without the extra frills and complex forms, but for grooming is not the best day;

10.08 – afternoon, after 15:06 can plan a trip to the hairdresser, here are just a note, shave the hair is only the case if you prefer a light and airy forms, but if you are a fan of classical hairstyles, then it is better to refrain from today cardinal change of the image;

11.08 – help the hair to recover slightly, use nourishing and moisturizing masks, lotions, herbal conditioners, but with chemical track-laying vehicles moderation;

12.08 – do not experiment today with the change of image, the result may deeply disappoint;

13.08-surprise others hairstyle of luxurious light curls. For Curling, dyeing and grooming unfavorable period;

14.08-unfavorable period for any manipulation of hair;

15.08 – useful restorative and Wellness treatments, with the use of natural resources;

16.08 – long hair helps to remove accumulated during the day negative, we recommend that you minimize use of styling products;

17.08 till 16:22 a perfect time for a classical and elegant haircuts, hair after today’s manipulations will be better to grow, and the tips of less split;

18.08-today though quite a short period (17:09-20:27), but with a great desire, you can manage to update his haircut, but better to refrain from staining;

19.08 – if you love to shock others non-standard images, then, of course, the same can risk and experiment with and this time with the form of a new haircut, but if you’ll still an adherent of classics, symmetry and clear shapes, then to go to the salon you clearly undesirable;

20.08 – easy change of hair colour or render it will be just by the way, I just try to choose the most gentle paint;

21.08-refrain from any manipulation of hair, even to refrain from washing of the head;

22.08-useful health masks and conditioners with the use of natural ecologically clean products;

23.08 – if you are thinking about a radical change of their image, then now is the time to discuss this with a good specialist, but the actual implementation of the image is transferred to the next day;

24.08-give your hair a little rest, refrain from all kinds of experiments;

25.08-day procedures healthier hair, but from cutting, painting and Curling should give up, the result is unlikely to please you;

26.08-can be painted hair, but only with natural dyes, chemical effects is not recommended;

27.08-a wonderful time to visit the hairdresser, but it is important to remember at any manipulations with hair should be in perfect mood and atmosphere in a barbershop shall deliver you peace of mind, and if something does not conform to these simple guidelines, the trip to a specialist better to move to another day;

28.08-29.08 – energy these days is not a recommended active manipulation of hair;

30.08-can slightly change the shade of your hair, that’s just try to do it paints with organic dyes, poor day for cutting;

31.08-aggressive manipulation with hair can negatively affect your General health.

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