Healthy and beautiful nails is a sign of good General health. Their ill kind, on the contrary, can speak as about the absence of vitamins and certain diseases such as diabetes.

Knowing how to look healthy nails, you can monitor their status and at the first signs of the disease, to take urgent measures. In this article we will present the most important features of healthy nails.

The main sign of a truly healthy nails may not be visible at first glance, but I feel when you touch them. This is their strength and elasticity. Brittle nails, saying the lack of vitamins and microelements. The solution is to diversify its power in various fruits and vegetables, and foods high in calcium and fatty acids. These include fish, milk, cheese, eggs, etc. are Also brittle nails makes cold weather, so frost should always wear gloves. In addition varnishes and means for their removal lead to an under-supply of nails oxygen, which also leads to loss of strength. So you need to make periodic breaks for 2-3 days, to give them a break from the varnish.

Nail tips should be white or ivory, but not yellow or spotty. The presence of white spots on the nail plate can speak about the high levels of sugar or a shortage of zinc in the body. Getting out of this situation, you must also make the appropriate changes in the diet. In their diet to include more eggs, products from a flour of a rough grinding, as well as foods that lower blood sugar. Yellowness may be a consequence of the frequent use of bright paints, which are not completely washed off. To avoid this effect, you must first apply transparent basis, and only then the varnish. In addition yellowness may be the result area.

The surface of a healthy nail should be equal. The presence of вмятинок and irregularities said a lack of vitamins. How to deal with it, described above. The appearance of various grooves may be a consequence of several reasons, among them hormonal failure, the weakening of the nail plate, activities, causing such damage. Fight with grooves must be based on reasons of their occurrence. When such deformation take the form of a wavy formations, they can just remove nail file or polishing disc. If furrows are broke at the end of a nail, there’s nothing left except to cut as short as possible. In the case of the sudden appearance of grooves, it is necessary to consult a physician, since this effect may be the result of hormonal failure, metabolic disturbances. It can also occur due to receiving any medicines.

Healthy nails should not delaminate. If this happens, it means, they need extra care and nutrition, which can provide a variety of beauty treatments, such as baths and masks. To strengthen nails and prevent their separation is best suited baths on the basis of sea salt. It provides them with necessary minerals. For preparation of a solution it is necessary to stir 2-3 tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water. Then, you dip your finger tips into the water. After 15 minutes, the procedure can be finished, wipe your nails and put on them moisturizer.

Another recipe that will help cope with the stratification of olive oil. You must warm up on a water bath to 35-40 degrees, i.e. it must be slightly hot. Then you must omit the nails, and 10-15 minutes remove and apply the cream. To enhance the effect of the oil, you can add a few drops of iodine.

The latest sign of healthy nails, which we will discuss in this article is on their thickness. Thickening of the nail plate can occur for various reasons, such as stress, poor nutrition, poor-quality cosmetics, fungal diseases. This problem it is necessary to struggle at the first signs of its appearance. Thickening of the nail may cause deformation, as well as to the cessation of growth. Treatment is performed by a specialist dermatologist. He will appoint the necessary preparations and the course of their acceptance. In addition, you can use the and some traditional remedies. Often, for example, apply the mask of propolis or Kalanchoe imposed on the nail and leave for the night, wrapped a bandage.

Thus we can say that the health of nails affected by a number of reasons. In this regard it should be noted that only a comprehensive approach can help get rid of the problems and prevent their occurrence in the future.

How to grow healthy nails, there are a lot of difficulties for most girls. This is because you have to look literally all of his lifestyle, try to avoid stressful situations less flustered and upset. The diet you need to make changes to make it more healthy and of high quality. Cosmetics for hands, varnishes and means for their removal to use only the best. Because , for example, excessive thickening of the nail may be caused by a defensive reaction of the organism on the devastating effects of varnishes or means for acceleration of the growth of nails.

The signs can be seen as a landmark, thanks to which you can grow gorgeous nails. Beautiful, healthy and strong – they will be the pride of any girl.


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