долговременная укладкаThere are fortunate enough to spend a hair brush to look attractive. But most women need to make efforts to create a beautiful hairdo. Those who bothers daily spending hours in front of a mirror, suitable carving – long-term styling is quite popular salon procedure.


What is carving

долговременная укладкаIn fact, carving hair is just the kind of «chemistry», that is, the long irons. But classical «chemistry» bad reputation for this type of irons are used aggressive compounds, which have a damaging to hair. After this procedure, hair requires serious treatment, and in some cases can only help haircut: strands look lifeless, rigid, over-dried hair and does not Shine and break easily. And the long-term laying is gentle drugs, allowing to preserve the hair supple, shiny and soft.

The term «carving» began to be applied in respect of hair specialists of «Schwarzkopf», which developed a delicate composition for lasting styling. Originally, the laying was performed with the help of the developed tool, but over time they began to use other kinds of curler – thin, large, spiral, «boomerang» and others.


Advantages and disadvantages of the method

долговременная укладкаCarving has a number of advantages over conventional chemical wave. So, hair stay healthy and live, they are applied with a minimum of damage. Hair grows thicker and hair softer and «obedient». Composition of carving practically safe for colored hair, but it is better to do first carving, and after a few days to paint hair. To make a long-term packing can be not once a year, as in the case of a chemical wave, and much more often – every two to three months. Sometimes compositions for carving applied not to the entire length of the hair, but only at the roots – this allows a more natural the hair volume.

Disadvantages carving – continuation of its merits. As for long-term hair styling are gentle compositions result is persistent – pomp of hair and the shape of the hairstyles are stored not more than one month. The mistake of thinking that carving allows not to abandon the periodic hair styling – just after the procedure packing can be done less frequently, and efforts spent less.

Although carving – sparing procedure, it is better to refuse it, if the hair is too dry, exhausted, differ brittle and fragile. Contrary to popular belief, carving is not conducive to the strengthening of hair procedure only causes hair minimum possible damage. Not recommended for long-term styling and those who often injure a hair мелированием or clarification. Owners of thick and long hair will have to abandon carving already for another reason: delicate compositions «simply cannot cope with heavy locks, and the effect of the procedure will not be noticeable.


During the procedure and after it

долговременная укладкаIn the Barber chair for creating lasting styling will have to spend less than two hours. First, the master can kick hair curlers, and after moisten composition of carving with a minimum content of chemical components. To achieve the natural effect, you can use the rollers of different size and shape. On the expiry of the period recommended by the manufacturer composition wash hair.

Every shampooing hair will gradually lose its shape. To save an effect on more or less long time, you must use specific tools for curly hair. Hair become obedient, after the procedure, they are easy to curl or, conversely, to straighten. Looks effective on such hair «artistic mess», and in summer you should experiment with styling with the effect of wet hair. You can refuse the conclusion – of course, in this case, the hair will not look as polished as the picture in the magazine, but the hair will lush and volumetric.

Even the most delicate preparations for lasting styling was not too good for hair, especially for dry and damaged. As coloring, carving is recommended especially prone to greasy hair is short or medium length. Long hair do long-term laying pointless under its own weight curls quickly lose the form. Processed hair preferably more often indulge nourishing and moisturizing vitamin masks and use for the care of special means.


Independent long-term styling

You can make an carving yourself at home – you only need to purchase a special preparations for lasting styling. The technology is simple enough:

  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • Strands evenly and tightly wound on curler any size and shape;
  • Using a sponge future curls abundantly watered solution;
  • The treated hair should be removed under polyethylene hat, top to put on a warming cap;
  • After the specified time of action of the manufacturer of the drug hair should be washed with hot water without shampoo, without removing curler;
  • After this section apply a different composition – pinning. He also washed off without shampoo;
  • Removing curler, hair should be liberally apply a nourishing balm;
  • The procedure is completed. Now the only thing left to dry and style as usual;
  • After carving performed at home or in the salon, you should not wash your hair for three days. In the future when washing use nutrients for hair after perming.

Maria Bykova

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